Odds For This Year’s Mr. Irrelevant In The NFL Draft

  • Being Mr. Irrelevant means they are the last pick in the NFL Draft.
  • Odds have been released for which position will be Mr. Irrelevant.
  • An offensive player is favored to be the last pick in the NFL Draft at -120 odds.

BRISTOL, Ct. — Being the last player picked in the NFL Draft and getting the title of Mr. Irrelevant is not all that bad. No matter what position they are, that player still gets to say he was drafted by an NFL team and gets to enjoy all the perks that come with it.

Similarly, after a long stretch of betting on the NFL Draft, punters and bettors alike can cash in on this pick as well. Because this pick is so irrelevant, all bettors have to pick is which side of the ball they play on: offense, defense, or special teams.

Mr. Irrelevant

Online sportsbooks have released odds for which position will be Mr. Irrelevant. The odds for the last pick being an offensive player lead the NFL Draft odds board at -120. The odds for a defensive player being drafted last are Even. The biggest gamble is the odds for a special teams player (punter or kicker), which is a longshot at +1100.

Mr. Irrelevant was started in 1976 when former Colts and 49ers receiver Paul Salata hyped up the last week of the draft, known as “Irrelevant Week,” in order to celebrate the final draft pick.

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Since 1976, there have been 44 Mr. Irrelevant draft picks. Of those 44 players, 27 of them have come on the offensive side of the ball. That would explain why an offensive player being the last pick has the shortest NFL odds. On the defensive side, there have been just 15 players drafted at Mr. Irrelevant while only two special teams players have been selected last.

Since 2015, the current odds have stayed true to themselves as cornerback, Kalan Reed was the only defensive player drafted with the final pick since then. All other selections came on the offensive side of the ball whether it was a receiver, tight end or quarterback. Sports bettors should feel confident in betting that an offensive player will be Mr. Irrelevant yet again.