Odds for White House Cocaine Being Hunter Biden’s, + Others

  • A suspicious white powder, later identified as cocaine, was discovered in the White House on Sunday evening.
  • Betting odds on who is the owner of the cocaine are available at Bovada Sportsbook and BetOnline Sportsbook.
  • Both online sportsbooks list Hunter Biden as the most likely named person.

WASHINGTONCocaine was discovered in the White House on Sunday and online sportsbooks have odds for the owner. Hunter Biden is at the top of the betting board at most books based on public knowledge of his past prolific drug use.

Odds vary between different USA online sportsbooks, with Bovada Sportsbook listing a tour group guest to be the favorite with -400 odds. At BetOnline, Hunter Biden is the favorite with +170 odds.

Bovada Odds for White House Cocaine Owner

  • Tour Group Guest -400
  • Hunter Biden +250
  • Janitorial Staff +1000
  • Secret Service Special Agent +1500
  • American Ambassador +2000
  • Congressman/Woman +2000
  • Director Of Speechwriting +2000
  • State Governor +2000
  • White House Chef +2000
  • Physician To the President +2500
  • White House Deputy Chief of Staff +2500
  • Snoop Dogg +3000

Former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino’s claims on twitter indicate that Hunter Biden is the best bet.

However, other political figures make claims that try to prove hunter Biden innocent. Former White house press secretary during the Donald Trump administration said on Fox News that “For it to be Hunter Biden, he left on Friday, he was at Camp David. There is no way, it is inconceivable to think cocaine could sit for a 72-hour period, so I would rule him out at this point.”

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The Biden family left on Friday and returned to the White House in time for the Fourth of July celebration. Odds at BetOnline Sportsbook don’t buy these claims, listing Hunter Biden as the favorite with +170 odds to be the owner of the cocaine.

BetOnline Odds for White House Cocaine Owner

  • Hunter Biden +170
  • Travis Kelce +800
  • One of Jonas Brothers +1000
  • Angelina Jolie +1400
  • Maddox Jolie-Pitt +1400
  • Member of LSU Lady Tigers +1400
  • Ariana Madix +1600
  • Snoop Dogg +1600
  • Member of UConn Men's Team +1600
  • Edward Lee +1600
  • Elton John +2000
  • Member of BTS +2000

Betting Outside of Hunter Biden

Snoop Dogg has odds at both entertainment betting sites, despite not being reported near the White House when the drugs were discovered. The odds for Snoop Dogg are likely a result of his prominent cannabis use that continued at the White House, where he claims he smoked in the bathroom.

Travis Kelce is another intriguing bet with +800 odds at BetOnline, but it’s highly unlikely Kelce would bring an illegal substance to the White House during the Kansas City Chiefs’ super Bowl 58 celebration.

Still, the best bet for who owns the cocaine discovered in the White House is at Bovada Sportsbook, who list Hunter Biden with +250 odds.