Odds To Win Merriam-Webster 2020 Word Of The Year Favor ‘COVID-19’

  • Leading odds for Merriam-Webster Publishing Word of the Year 2020 is “COVID-19” at -155.
  • Strong underdogs include the likes of “Pandemic”, “Isolation”, and “Lockdown”.

LAS VEGAS – This is it. The sports betting analysis the world has been waiting on bated breath for during the entire quarantine. The most cataclysmic battle the lexiconic world has seen in ages, the 2020 Word of the Year.

The official odds for Merriam-Webster Publishing’s Word of the Year 2020 have been released and are available to bet on. Due to the quarantine, there are some heavy favorites straight out of the gate, but that doesn’t mean the underdogs don’t have a chance.

Merriam-Webster Publishing Word of the Year 2020 Odds

  • COVID-19 -155
  • Coronavirus +200
  • Social Distancing +200
  • Covidiot +400
  • Self-Quarantine +400
  • Pandemic +500
  • Work From Home +700
  • Isolation +900
  • Zoom +900
  • Epidemic +2000
  • Lockdown +2500
  • Nonessential +2500

When it comes to entertainment betting, it is important to take this process extremely seriously and approach it with the same analytical breakdown you would any other wager.

What Does History Say?

In the past, Merriam-Webster has attempted to circumvent expectations and go with words that the world is using in new ways, like 2019 winnerThey”.

How the award system works is that ten words are chosen and published annually by Merriam-Webster, the preeminent American dictionary publishing company. The award began in 2003 and words are chosen by analyzing popularity data across the internet and the dictionary website itself. In 2006, an online poll was introduced and the public was given greater sway over the selection of picks.

An original list of 20 words or phrases is selected by the company, and then the public is given the power to vote on which should rank No. 1 as that particular word of the year.

Past winners have been heavily influenced by pop culture and world events. “They” was selected last year due to its new use as a non-binary gender pronoun. Other examples include the 2008 winner “bailout” and 2017 winner “feminism”.

Current Word Trends

With that said, COVID-19 and Coronavirus are way too obvious leaders here. Picking either of those would be way too lazy and easy for the people over at Merriam-Webster, and the public at large. Why would they pick a word that the public is bombarded with in such stressful technical terms?

Correct answer: They won’t. They are looking for a word with pizazz here, something that truly encapsulates the climate of this terrible year. While these words are almost guaranteed to make the top ten, it’s hard to see something so obvious take the top spot.

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Social Distancing? While this might be a popular choice by the public, the governing body of the dictionary might have to intervene. While it has a high chance of making the top ten, it is too obvious to be the outright winner. In the history of the award, there has never been a word to take the top spot that was technically two words.

Pandemic? Possibly. But still seems too contrite and plain.

Covidiot? Absurd. No realistic chance here. Better off betting on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Isolation? Interesting. This one sparks wonder and danger. The governing body of wording could easily take this and run with it. At +900 odds this one is a sleeper for sure.

Zoom? Ridiculous. The dictionary might be a lot of things be they are not sellouts! This isn’t an advertisement it’s a prestigious award. The other words would be livid if the award went to a corporate entity, completely devaluing the platform.

Lockdown? Oh yeah. Lockdown. It is powerful, strong, scary, and encapsulating. Lockdown coming in at a powerful eight letters is the perfect candidate for word of the year. And at +2500 odds? It would be a high payout if it surprises all and becomes a winner.

Expect these odds to rapidly change before the winner is crowned on June 30th, until then pay close attention to the trends of the world and the natural winner might become readily apparent.