The Parlay Bets Keep Hitting At The FanDuel Sportsbook At The Meadowlands

  • In order to win a parlay, every single “leg” of the betting slip must finish as indicated on your card.
  • Parlays can quickly increase their odds and payouts with adding more teams, but doing so lowers your chances of success.
  • New Jersey has seen bettors win 86% of all parlay betting action, relatively high compared to other legal sports betting states.

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – While many people are still getting used to their betting strategies since sports betting was legalized, bettors in New Jersey have been figuring out theirs for a while.

On Sunday, one lucky bettor was able to end the night walking away with $185,000. This wasn’t the result of a person laying $200,000 but instead betting “only” $25,000 on a 3-team parlay.

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The lucky one took three moneyline wagers between two baseball games and Game 2 of the NBA Finals. The wager on the Warriors (+116) wager was the last to hit, as the bettor knew their Red Sox (-122) and Nationals (-114) action were already secure.

Parlays are not won often, but when they are, it is sure to make the headlines. Through April’s sports wagering statistics in New Jersey, bettors have won roughly 86% of all parlay action, compared to the 95-96% winning percentage for football, basketball, and baseball.

Other states, such as Mississippi have only seen bettors win on parlays 19% of the time, as it is never easy to get every leg correct.

Earlier in May, FanDuel also paid out a $525,867.50 winning ticket on a six-team parlay costing $5,000. This one was a little more complex, as the bettor won four baseball moneyline legs, one baseball run line, and one NBA moneyline leg.

Both the Warriors and the Red Sox were used in the two of these May parlays. wonders if that is a sign for all of the future parlay bettors that are likely to flood FanDuel Sportsbook at the Meadowlands in hopes to win big themselves.