Parlay Patz Bets His Way To Millionaire Status After Latest Win

  • October 9 marked the day that Parlay Patz joined William Hill Sportsbook.
  • When Patz began betting only on the moneyline wagers for his bets is when his streak began.
  • Parlay Patz likes to dabble in many sporting events, however, football and basketball are his favorites.

NEW YORKBen Patz aka “Parlay Patz” has continued his hot streak of parlaying his wagers, making $1,136,434 from November 1 to December 8. Patz won two parlays in a 24-hour period crossing the million-dollar barrier in the process.

One parlay, on December 7, was an eight-team wager where Patz put in $42,391. The odds were set at +434 and Patz won a sum total of $183,892. He immediately placed another bet on December 8. This time it was a five-team parlay with odds of +465 where Patz put down $25,000. He won again, and the payout was $116,260.

In a day he was able to clear $300,152 with those two wagers which officially made him a millionaire.

“The opportunity to be in this situation is insane to me,” said Patz.  “October 9th I signed up with William Hill, depositing $500. It’s a blessing beyond my wildest dreams. Whatever comes of this amazing journey I hope I can do good with it.”

Where It All Began

Patz began his parlay hot streak on November 1 with a three-game parlay. It was at this time that Patz began to use his Patz-ented strategy of doing moneyline parlay bets. He previously would wager on the spread.

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The bettor made headlines a little over two weeks later when he won a 13-game parlay that had odds of +4657 to win. For this parlay, he wagered $7,000 of his own money and walked away with $326,000 in profits.

Since then, he has made a total of nine parlay wagers in 38 days and won over a million dollars. To do this, he strictly bets the moneyline when making his picks for his parlays. Patz continues to wager from the comfort of his car within a grocery store parking lot in New Jersey.

The New Yorker prefers the convenience of mobile wagering to that of land-based sports betting lounges. The commute is also much shorter than if he were to drive upstate to one of the New York casinos where it’s legal. The Empire State has not yet legalized mobile sports betting so a drive across the bridge is much easier on the famous bettor.

The 23-year-old college student has tapped into a great formula as he continues to wager on different games.

“This feeling never gets normal, that’s for sure,” said Patz.  “It’s adrenaline unmatched.” At this rate, Patz could very well be a multi-millionaire before the year ends. The sports betting world lies in wait, curious what bet the Parlay King will win next.