Parlay Patz Wins $333K With A 13-Leg Parlay Bet

  • Bettor Ben Patz is no newbie to the sports betting scene, having started as a teenager.
  • Patz does all of his sports betting from his cellphone using New Jersey’s mobile wagering platforms.
  • The New Yorker is making headlines for his 3-week streak of parlay wins, earning him more than half a million dollars.

NEW YORK – New Yorker Parlay Patz won $333K with a 13-leg parlay bet over the weekend.

Ben Patz, 23, has been an avid sports bettor since he was allowed to open up an offshore sportsbook account at the age of 18. His first bet was a $90 wager on a boxing match. He placed money on Floyd Mayweather to take down Manny Pacquiao. After padding his wallet considerably with a slew of various bets, he stopped betting altogether and went to France for over a year.

When he came back, he went on a cold streak and lost all the money he had made from wagering. He finally picked a winning bet to the tune of $75,000 from a 12-leg parlay. Sadly, the offshore sportsbook he used to place the bet was running an illegal operation and he only received a $12,000 payout. He now happily does all of his gambling on sports in a grocery store parking lot in New Jersey.

Mobile Sports Betting In New Jersey

Like many New Yorkers, Patz drives across the bridge into New Jersey where mobile sports betting is legal. He sits in his parked car and makes all the wagers he wants to with the use of his cellphone. New York only allows for land-based sports betting and the casinos are a long drive upstate. Crossing the bridge into New Jersey is much more convenient, even if it still requires taking a drive.

“I kind of like the inconvenience,” said Patz. “Otherwise, it’s just too easy to make a bet.”

He may make it sound like it’s easy but it hasn’t been all winning, though. He lost a $30K seven-team parlay on college basketball when Alabama lost to Penn State 81-80.

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“Alabama got fouled with two seconds left, down by one,” said Patz. “Its best player missed two free throws and the Tide lost.”

His real comeback to the sports betting scene came on a $19,000 straight up wager on the Green Bay Packers. When the Packers ended up winning by a single point, Patz decided that betting on the moneyline was much safer than betting on the spread. He had an epiphany that teams just wanted to win games rather than cover the point spread. And that’s when his parlay hot streak was born.

Patz has now become the Parlay King, winning $672K in only three weeks’ time over four separate parlay bets. His latest wager – and the biggest payout – was successful after the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles, netting him $333,000 from his $7,000 13-leg parlay.

If Patz continues to follow his moneyline strategy with the use of various online US sportsbooks for parlays, this may only be the beginning of his streak. He’s already won over half a million dollars in less than a month.

Hopefully, he will quit while he’s ahead and not lose it all as he did once before. Every gambler knows that eventually, the hot streak runs cold, just like water from a faucet.