PDC Home Tour Betting Odds: Day 17 Matchups

  • Day 17 of the PDC Home Tour kicks off at 2:00 P.M. EST.
  • Damon Heta has -245 odds to defeat Gary Blades and John Henderson has -240 odds to defeat Kciuk K.
  • There is a total of six matches on Sunday.

BRENTWOOD ESSEX, United Kingdom — As the coronavirus pandemic continues, the PDC Tour continues to be played from home. PDC Home Tour betting odds for the 17th day of the tournament are now up for bettors to put action on.

PDC Home Tour

The PDC Darts Tour was recently changed to the participants playing from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Today’s matches are filled with talent as two of the best in the game, Damon Heta and John Henderson are each playing three games each.

Heta will kick off the 17th day at 2:00 p.m. EST facing off against Gary Blades where Heta is the heavy favorite to win with -245 odds while Blades is at +170. The Over/Under for total points is set at 7.5 with the Over being favored at -125 and the under at -110.

Heta is the heavy favorite here for a reason as he is the 56th ranked player in the world while Blades is ranked 337. Heta should be bet on across the board.

John Henderson will start off his day right after Heta at 2:30 p.m. EST as he faces off against Krzysztof Kciuk (Kciuk K.). Henderson is the heavy favorite in his matchup as well with -240 odds against Kciuk’s +170 odds.

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There is a -1.5 spread in favor if Henderson with -125 odds while the spread going towards Kciuk is listed at -110. The Over/Under for the match is 7.5 total points with the Over favored at -140 and the Under listed as Even.

This should be a smooth ride for Henderson as he is ranked the 54th highest player in the world while Kciuk is ranked at 249.

At 4:00 p.m. EST, John Henderson and Damon Heta’s worlds will collide as they are set to face off against each other. Online sportsbooks have Henderson listed as the favorite with -135 odds while Heta is at -105.

There is a -1.5 spread favored towards Henderson but those odds are listed at +135 while the odds listed for Heta’s +1.5 spread are set at -190. Bettors are showing great confidence in Heta for this matchup.

The Over/Under for total points is set at 7.5 with the Over being favored at -145 and the Under at +105. It is shaping out to be a close matchup for sure but Henderson could slip away with the win in this one as signaled by the sportsbooks.