Russian Pro League Table Tennis Betting Odds, Trends, Picks

  • Oleg Kutuzov is favored to win over Andrey Sadkov.
  • Alexander Petrov has +190 odds to upset Aleksander Gribkov.
  • Dmitriy Kolesnikov has -140 odds to beat Aleksandr Volkov in three sets.

MOSCOW, Russia - The coronavirus has sent the entire sports world into a flurry of cancellations and postponements. This had led to a rise in the popularity of smaller sports in viewership but also at sportsbooks too.

Table Tennis or ping pong is an Olympic sport but hasn’t faced many postponements which makes it one of the safer sports to bet on when not many sports are on.

Today’s table tennis odds come from the Russian Pro League Moscow and can be found at several online sportsbooks. There are three matches to consider betting on for this event and the odds could net bettors a moderate return. For each of these matches, only the moneyline odds are available.

Alexander Petrov vs. Aleksandr Gribkov (-290) @ 5:50 p.m. ET

Alexander Petrov is the underdog in this match as he’s listed at +190 odds to pull off the upset. The favored Aleksandr Gribkov has -290 odds to win and he has one of the best serves in the league. Petrov will have a hard to limiting unforced errors on the Gribkov’s returns and that alone gives Gribkov a major advantage. Take the -290 odds on Gribkov to win this match but bettors shouldn’t hesitate to roll the dice on Petrov’s +190 odds.

Winner: Gribkov (-290)

Oleg Kutuzov (-280) vs. Andrey Sadkov @ 6:20 p.m. ET

Andrey Sadkov and Oleg Kutuzov face-off making this one of the more intriguing matches of the night. Kutuzov is the favorite listed at -280 odds and should edge Sadkov in what will be a tightly contested match. With these players similarly skilled taking the +190 underdog odds on Sadkov is a pretty good bet as well. However, the winner of the match will likely be Kutuzov and with him listed at -280 that’s the best bet to take here unless a bettor has faith in the upset.

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Winner: Kutuzov (-280)

Dmitriy Kolesnikov vs. Aleksandr Volkov (-105) @ 6:20 p.m. EST

Dmitriy Kolesnikov has been one of the best table tennis players as of late and he’s looking to take that momentum into this matchup where he’s listed as the favorite with -140 odds.

His opponent Aleksandr Volkov is the underdog with -105 odds to win the match. Volkov has a quick strike serve that could cause Kolesnikov some problems. Take the -105 odds on Volkov because he’s been the better ping pong player down the stretch and his serve will reign supreme in this game.

Winner: Volkov (-105)