Shantel ‘Shan’ Smith Early Favorite To Win Survivor Season 41

  • Survivor season 41 is currently happening and the early favorite to win is Shantel Smith, a pastor from Washington, DC.
  • Smith has already successfully eliminated competition early on with careful manipulation.
  • Smith has lived on the streets for some time and betting fans expect this kind of knowledge to work in her favor.

MAMANUCA ISLANDS – The 41st season of Survivor is happening now as contestants compete on the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji.

Sportsbooks have Shantel ‘Shan’ Smith as the early favorite to win it all. Her time living on the streets and developing survival skills has led many to believe she is the one to beat.

Danny McCray is also seeing a lot of action at online sportsbooks as he is a former NFL player. Professional athletes have won Survivor four times with their athleticism helping them along the way.

Survivor 41 Odds

  • Shantel ‘Shan’ Smith +400
  • Danny McCray +600
  • Erika Casupanan +800
  • Tiffany Seely +800
  • Ricard Foye +900
  • Deshawn Radden +1000
  • Xander Hastings +1000
  • Evvie Jagoda +1200
  • Heather Aldret +1500
  • Naseer Muttalif +1600
  • Genie Chen +2000
  • Liana Wallace +2000
  • Sydney Segal +2000
  • Jairus ‘JD’ Robinson +2500

Why Shan Is The Early Favorite

Starting with Smith, the Washington, DC pastor is one of two Ua Tribe contestants to have no votes against them in the first three episodes (the other being Genie Chen). Shantel is playing a strong social game, using her experience as a pastor and her Italian background to her advantage.

She has managed to form a strong bond with all of her tribe members in just one week on the island, giving her great insight into everything that’s going on.

Smith has utilized this incite when she manipulated Brad Reese into not only exposing the location of an idol but also allowing him to think she would be fighting for him to stay, only for her to turn the tables leading to his early exit.

She has now gone on to secure her safety even further by building an alliance with Jairus ‘JD’ Robinson, Genie Chen, and Ricard Foye.

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Don’t Sleep On The Sleepers

While entertainment betting fans are leaning heavily in favor of Smith, there are a few other contestants to take note of that could come out as big winners.

Alongside Smith, Genie Chen has received no votes so far and is in an alliance with JD and Smith. Chen can use this position to her advantage down the road.

Chen is a grocery store clerk and has begun building strong bonds with her tribemates by discussing her home life, family, and her sexuality. This has led to her being on the good side of most of the competitors.

Chen can ride the wave for a few episodes if she plays her cards right and make her +2000 odds a big grab for gamblers.

Danny McCray’s +600 odds could also be a big payout. McCray has excelled in all of the challenges set forth, which has him being seen as an asset as well as a threat to many.

He can remain safe for a few episodes if he continues to win, but he needs to utilize the social game in order to stay in. Presently, the retired Dallas Cowboy is only relying on his physical attributes and not the social angles needed to win in the end.