She’s A Slave To Her Conservatorship, The Britney Spears Saga

  • Sportsbooks have odds on when Britney Spears conservatorship will be terminated posted on their platforms for gamblers to wager on.
  • The odds are even at (-120) for both before and after July 1, 2022.
  • Britney Spears’ father Jamie Spears has been in control of her life since 2008 through this conservatorship that has been renewed four times.

LOS ANGELESBritney Spears has been trying to free herself from the clutches of her conservatorship for quite some time, as her father Jamie Spears has pulled all of the strings when it comes to her life since 2008.

After 13 years under his reign, Spears is fighting back in court to try and get the conservatorship lifted. Every three years, the judgment has been renewed, and it all began when Britney started having very public mental breakdowns years ago.

In 2007, the singer went Sinead O’Conner and shaved her head, which can be seen as the beginning of the end for Spears, who would later go down the rabbit hole and have her dad take control of her life. But now with #FreeBritney being an online movement and the issue making headlines, sportsbooks within regulated sports betting markets are placing odds on this headliner.

The Odds On Britney & This Toxic Situation

The courts in Los Angeles are tending to the issue between the singer and her father. Mobile sportsbooks like Bovada are asking the question of when the conservatorship will end.

Before and after July 1, 2022 have equal odds of -120.

This wager and others like it can be found in the “Entertainment Betting” section of any online sports betting platform. Spears may have a chance to terminate the legal issue rather than have the order renewed for a fifth time.

After going public with how her life has played out, more and more people are backing the singer and lawmakers are taking notice as a lot of what she say’s involves basic human rights being infringed upon.

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"My dad and anyone involved in this conservatorship and my management who played a huge role in punishing me — they should be in jail," said Spears.

“I wanted to take the IUD out, so I could start trying to have another baby, but they don’t want me to have any more children. So basically, this conservatorship is doing me way more harm than good. I deserve to have a life,”Spears told the court.

Before a final judgment can be made for this ongoing situation, Spears must be examined by a physician that signs off that she is of sound mind. This exam can be done at any given time within a six-month span prior to submitting it to the court.

After a judge sees that a doctor can attest to the singer’s mental health, it is likely that the conservatorship will be terminated very quickly after.

However, an uproar with the latest words from Britney has already been created and should a judge not receive the “okay” from a physician, the conservatorship will continue, much to the disdain of the public.

Right now, it’s anyone’s guess, but a gambling man would wager that the singer could get a doctor to sign off that she’s about as sane as anyone in Hollywood can be and the conservatorship will end by July 1, 2022.