Sports Bettors Turn To California Daily 4 Lottery Betting Action

  • The Daily 4 in California is a draw game that will next be selected on Monday.
  • The over/under of all winning numbers combined is set at 18.
  • Bettors can pick the exact number to be drawn with +800 odds.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The California State Lottery has had over 300 winning tickets in the last three days from the Daily 4 draw game from June 5-7.

With so much activity surrounding the California Daily 4, online sportsbooks have odds on the number of each ball as well as the combined number of all the winning numbers added up.

California Daily 4 Over/Under

The Over/Under for the total combination of numbers from Monday’s California Daily 4 is set at 18.

In the past 20 drawings dating back to May 19th, the under bet has been scorching hot as it has stayed under 13 times.

As for the over bet, it has only hit three times while there has been a push four times.

Of the three times that it has gone over 18, two of those were in the last 10 drawings.

Ball 1

Numbers zero through nine all have the same lottery entertainment odds at +800 for being the first ball selected.

In the last 20 drawings, the number three has popped up on five separate occasions including four of the last six drawings. The numbers one and two have also been pretty frequent as they have each show up as the first ball four times each.

Numbers to stay away from as ball 1 are the numbers 0, 4, 5, and 8 as they have not shown up once in the last 20 drawings.

Ball 2

The second ball has been pretty spread out in the previous 20 drawings. The number eight has had the highest number of drawings at the second spot with four showings, including the last drawing on June 7th.

Numbers 0, 1, 4 and 7 have also been very popular as they have each been seen three times in 20 drawings including six of the last ten.

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Bettors should look elsewhere from numbers three and five as they have zero appearances in 20 drawings.

All odds for numbers 0-9 on ball two are listed at +800.

Ball 3

The over/under for the number draw on ball three is set at 4.5 with the over and under bet both set at -110 odds.

In the last 20 drawings, the under has seen the majority (12 times) with the number zero being the most frequent with four drawings.

The over has appeared just eight times with the number eight being shown the most with 4 appearances.

Ball 4

The fourth and final ball has an over/under of 4.5 as well with both the over and under at -110 odds.

In the past 20 drawings, there have been just seven times that the over has hit while the under has hit the remaining 13.

In the previous 10 drawings, however, it has been an even split with five over hits and five under hits.

The most popular number has been number two as it has been seen five times in the last 20 showings. The over has hit the past two drawings and could leave a smile on bettors' face for the third day in a row.

Whether betting on the California Pick 4 with the past trends or against them, sports bettors haven’t shied away from entertaining themselves at online sportsbooks.