Sportsbooks Adjust Betting Odds After Trump Impeachment

  • President Trump is now an impeached President – the third is US history.
  • Sportsbooks’ odds have shifted in light of the President being impeached.
  • It is unknown whether President Trump will be removed from office.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – On Wednesday, President Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives.

This means that charges against the President have been formally filed. President Trump has been impeached for obstruction of congress and abuse of power. Both charges gained approval in a near party-line vote in the House of Representatives.

What is next in the impeachment process is a trial in the Senate. The Senate will look at the articles of impeachment and vote whether or not he should be removed from office.

Trump Impeachment Betting Odds

Many online sportsbooks are currently shifting odds in reaction to the impeachment of the President. There are many different ways that bettors can bet on politics and with this historical moment, the odds are changing.

Trump Leaving

There are three props available about President Trump leaving office. The props include will Trump leave office via impeachment, will Trump resign, and will Trump run for re-election. All of this is asking will President Trump willingly remove himself as President.

The shortest odds are saying that President Trump will not remove himself from office. Ever since he has been impeached, he has been tweeting about Presidential harassment and the entire process. He has not indicated at all that he has any plans on removing himself from office.

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Will Trump be removed from office is a completely different question. This asks if the Senate will vote to remove Trump as President. It is unlikely because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnel indicates that he will work directly with the White House to prevent that. In a reaction, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she will withhold articles of impeachment until a fair trial is promised.

Odds To Win

Keep in mind that no state-licensed sportsbook is authorized to release betting odds on political situations. These odds must be found at offshore online sportsbooks, which show that the President has the shortest odds to win the 2020 elections.

Trump’s Impeachment Affecting Other Presidential Candidates

Trump is -110 to win the election. This could either be a delay in the odds shifting or bettors believing that Republican voters will double down due to impeachment. Democratic favorite Joe Biden currently has +500 odds of winning the 2020 Election.

Trending down is Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard. During the vote of impeachment, Rep. Gabbard voted “present,” which essentially equates to a no vote. Bettors are showing that being indecisive will not win her the Presidency by betting against her.

Impeaching a U.S. President is a moment that will forever be in the history books. With political betting becoming more popular, bettors are only required to wager on what will happen next. More odds on impeachment and the upcoming elections are also likely to appear in the future.