Sportsbooks Are Being Cautious With XFL Week 1 Odds

  • The XFL returns on Saturday with the Vegas Vipers against the Arlington Renegades.
  • After a surprising – albeit abbreviated – 2020 season, sportsbooks are being cautious with XFL odds.
  • No team is favored by more than three points in the first week of the XFL.

LAS VEGAS – The XFL is back, with the first game of the year scheduled for Saturday as the season kicks off with the Vegas Vipers taking on the Arlington Renegades.

Bettors may remember a brief XFL season in 2020 that was unfortunately disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic, which exceeded expectations to the point that the XFL was revived by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson after the pandemic.

The Vegas Vipers are the former Tampa Bay Vipers, who moved to Vegas for the 2023 season, and will play at Cashman Field.

Their opponents, the Arlington Renegades, are another team that saw a rename, as they are now known as the Arlington Renegades rather than the Dallas Renegades.

Vegas Vipers vs. Arlington Renegades Odds

  • Vegas Vipers +3.0 (-110)
  • Arlington Renegades -3.0 (-110)

The odds for the game are exactly what one might expect from the first game in a new sporting league – the online sportsbooks playing it safe.

They’ve set the Vipers and Renegades at roughly equal odds, but since the Renegades are at home, they have the typical home-field advantage of about three points, give or take.

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Handicapping the XFL has notoriously been difficult – only five weeks happened in the 2020 XFL season, but they were enough to totally upend what many people expected out of the season.

Vegas Vipers vs. Arlington Renegades Odds

  • Vegas Vipers +125
  • Arlington Renegades -145

The moneyline demonstrates this same hesitancy on the part of online sportsbooks to take a side at odds that could cost them money.

In fact, of all four scheduled XFL games in Week 1 of the XFL, none of them have a favorite that is favored by more than three points.

The sportsbooks are definitely aware that they could get caught by surprise, and are offering very milquetoast odds to minimize their downside risk.