Sportsbooks Give “World Of Dance” TV Show Props For Premier

  • Hip Hop (+150) is the favored winning style of dance for 2020.
  • A team from North America (+100) is expected to win World of Dance.

LOS ANGELES - “World of Dance” will be premiering their fourth season on Tuesday and sportsbooks have listed prop bets for the show to mark the occasion.

The popular reality competition series televised by the NBC Network allows dancers from all over the world to compete for a chance at winning $1 million.

Since its debut in 2017, there have been a combined total of over 1 billion online views from videos relating to the show.

Prop bets listed for “World of Dance” on sportsbooks like BetOnline can be found within the entertainment section of the sports betting platform.

Winning Act Of World Of Dance 2020 Will Be:

  • Upper - (+210)
  • Junior Team - (+225)
  • Upper Team - (+225)
  • Junior - (+275)

The four divisions that make up the show are the Junior Division that consists of groups with 1-4 members all under the age of 18, the Upper Division which are groups with 1-4 members aged 18 or older, the Junior Team Division that are groups with over 5 members who are all under 18, and the Upper Team Division that are teams made up of 5 or more members all 18 and older.

With the better choreography and ability to dedicate their time to their craft, the upper division looks set on taking the championship (+210).

The first season champions were “Les Twins” from France in the Upper Team Division of the show. In the second season, the winners were a group of kid dancers called “The Lab” from Los Angeles in the United States.

“The Lab” was from the Junior Team Division. Winners from season three were the dance group “Kings United” from India in the Upper Team Division.

All the winners from every season shared one common denominator; they danced in the style of hip-hop.

Winning Dance Style In World Of Dance 2020:

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  • Hip-Hop - (+150)
  • Any Other Style of Dance - (+200)
  • Contemporary - (+200)
  • Ballroom - (+800)
  • Jazz - (+800)
  • Latin - (+1200)
  • Ballet - (+1500)
  • Tap - (+2000)
  • Line Dancing - (+5000)
  • Clogging - (+7500)

The “World of Dance” is one of the biggest shows on television on a global scale.

On its own, it’s very entertaining but adding these prop bets to the mix makes it even more of an experience

Winning Nationality In World Of Dance 2020:

  • North American - (+100)
  • European - (+200)
  • Asian - (+250)
  • South American - (+400)
  • African - (+750)
  • Oceanic - (+1400)

The history of winners is quite literally all over the map so coming up with the right choice when betting might prove to be difficult. Luckily, mobile sportsbooks generally have a good idea of what they’re doing so their odds are as good as any guess viewers will make.

How The Scoring Works On World Of Dance

There are three judges on the “World of Dance” panel that score the contestants; singer Jennifer Lopez, singer Ne-Yo, and Emmy award-winning professional dancer and choreographer, Derek Hough.

Judges can score up to 100 points based on five different categories (20 points per category) for each performance.

Those numbers are then combined and divided by three to reach the final score for each act.

While there are four age group divisions to make up the program, in the end it makes no difference, as the best dancers will face off against one another for the grand prize – no matter what age group they're in.

The dance-off to $1 million begins Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on the NBC Network.