Sportsbooks Say 2020 NFL Draft Draft Won’t Get Hacked

  • The odds of the NFL Draft being hacked are set at +800 for yes.
  • The first round of the NFL Draft will be on Thursday, April 23 and will start at 8 p.m. ET.
  • A team not getting their pick in on time is an underdog at +110.

LAS VEGAS — The 2020 NFL Draft will be all virtual due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as this marks the first time in mainstream professional sports that a league will have an all virtual draft. The NFL Draft being all online creates a plethora of potential issues and problems that can arise that wouldn’t happen during a traditional draft.

Betting on the NFL Draft will be one of the most wagered on events since the start of COVID-19 lockdowns and league suspensions globally.

The NFL has the center stage and BetOnline has some of the widest-ranging draft betting props listed. The betting props cover just about every aspect of the NFL Draft from if the draft will be hacked to if there will be any trades by teams selecting in the top 10. With few options on sportsbooks, betting menu the NFL Draft comes at the right time below is three of the many props to consider betting on.

Will any draftee pop champagne?

  • Yes (+400)
  • No (-700)

Winner: Yes (+400), Getting drafted to the NFL is one of the biggest achievements in sports no matter what round or pick a player is. As long as the odds for a draftee to pop champagne provide a profit on the return the (+400) odds should be taken with confidence because that’s where the profit lies on this prop.

Popping champagne is one of the best ways to celebrate achievement and is popular among younger people so expect to see a draftee pop a bottle and bettors will too when this bet hits.

Will the NFL Draft be hacked?

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  • Yes (+800)
  • No (-2500)

Winner: Yes (+800), The NFL Draft being all virtual creates new issues for the league that may have never been seen before. Anytime something is online or in the digital space, the opportunity to be hacked is always present.

The odds for the first-ever virtual draft to be hacked are listed at +800, the reward for winning this prop outweighs the risk which is why bettors should roll the dice on the “Yes” option for this prop.

Will a team not get a pick in on time?

  • Yes (+110)
  • No (-150)

Winner: Yes (+110), although technology has improved drastically and the NFL has already had a practice run of the virtual draft. Take the “Yes” odds for a team not to get a pick in on time especially with 32 teams trying to draft and possibly even trade.

Since all the NFL teams are not in one city like usual in the draft it fair to assume that one team will be late getting their pick in. With so much going into technology for this draft it should be expected that there will be some form of technical difficulties in the draft. The +110 odds on a team not getting a pick on time are the best bet for this prop.