Suns, Hornets, Hawks Lead Best Longshot Odds To Reach NBA Playoffs

  • The Phoenix Suns have -150 short odds to make the NBA Playoffs.
  • The Atlanta Hawks have -130 short odds to reach the NBA Postseason in 2021.
  • The Charlotte Hornets have +350 longshot odds to make the Eastern Conference Playoffs.

PHOENIX – The 2020-2021 NBA season is just a few short weeks away and sports bettors are starting to take action on who they think will be making the NBA Playoffs.

Teams like the Phoenix Suns and the Atlanta Hawks who haven’t made the playoffs in many seasons, finally have short odds at online sportsbooks for a postseason run.

Even before the season starts, there is already plenty of action being placed on NBA betting sites. Early post season wagers can turn into major wins at the end of the regular season.

New Rosters, Short Odds

Major roster changes have affected betting lines at USA online sportsbooks. For starters, both the Phoenix Suns and the Atlanta Hawks are now favored to make the playoffs, despite having multiple seasons at the bottom of their respective conferences.

Atlanta Hawks Odds To Make the Playoffs

  • Yes -130
  • No +100

Phoenix Suns Odds To Make the Playoffs

  • Yes -150
  • No +120

Both Atlanta and Phoenix have improved their rosters during the offseason. Starting with Atlanta, the ball club signed Rajon Rondo in a move that stunned the NBA world.

Rondo is coming off of a strong post-season run with the Los Angeles Lakers where he helped the team win an NBA Championship. His veteran leadership is what likely has sports bettors excited and leaning in favor of the Hawks.

Underdog bettors who don’t think the addition of Rondo will affect the team that greatly should lean in on the longshot odds for No now before the first games get played.

Atlanta’s core issues were defensive, as they were among the league-worst in points allowed last season.

A 34-year-old Rondo may not be able to fix that glaring issue, especially considering him potentially playing back up to star guard Trae Young who statistically is one of the worst wing defenders in the league.

Phoenix on the other hand, added Chris Paul who is coming off of an impressive season where he led the Oklahoma City Thunder to a game seven in the playoffs against the Houston Rockets.

Prior to the season, the Thunder were given 0.2% chance to even make the playoffs. Paul has proven himself to be a strong asset.

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The reason why his addition is even better is that Phoenix began clicking towards the end of the season, going 8-0 in the bubble and were one Portland Trail Blazers loss away from a play-in game against the Memphis Grizzlies to make the playoffs.

Phoenix also started the season without star center Deondre Ayton who was suspended for using illegal PED’s.

With a full season of Ayton and a backcourt of Devin Booker and Chris Paul, sports bettors may want to lean in on the Phoenix odds before they get even shorter.

Longshot Playoff Odds

On the outside looking in, sports bettors are taking action against teams like the San Antonio Spurs who just recently missed the playoffs for the first time in 22 consecutive seasons.

San Antonio Spurs Odds To Make the Playoffs

  • No -500
  • Yes +375

With Gregg Popovich still the head coach of the Spurs, and the team's winning history, it is not far-fetched to assume the spurs could bounce back this season and return to the playoffs.

Longshot bettors may find the +375 odds tempting and should lean in on them before the season starts and the odds shorten.

Another team longshot bettors should be looking into is the Charlotte Hornets. In addition to drafting LaMelo Ball, the team also signed all-star forward Gordon Hayward.

Charlotte Hornets Odds To Make the Playoffs

  • No -450
  • Yes +350

While Hayward’s time in Boston was plagued by injuries and line-up issues, in Charlotte he has a chance to reinstate himself as a top player in the league. In addition, Ball has the shortest odds to win rookie of the year.

The tandem could turn out to be one of the stronger teams in the East, and squeeze their way into a play in tournament and possibly make the playoffs.

Longshot bettors should lean in on these odds early, as the season will surely affect the betting line.

The NBA season will be jam-packed with sports betting odds. Early betting on the NBA postseason is a major way to get in on the action.