Ballin’ Out At The Ballina Cup; Each Celebrity’s Odds To Win

Ballina Cup

The Ballina Cup is a Beer Pong Championship Tournament that will be played by celebrities on Instagram. Sportsbooks are currently taking wagers on who the winner of the Cup will be, with NFL player Danny Amendola being the favorite to win All money made by the tournament will be donated to charities helping with the … Read more

Bet On Facebook Stocks Dropping After Removing Social Media Likes

Facebook Stocks

Facebook is removing like counts from its social media platform and Instagram. The company claims that they are doing it for the sake of mental health advocacy. People can wager if Facebook stocks will drop due to this change. MENLO PARK, Calif. – There is a chance for people to wager on if Facebook stocks … Read more

Celebrities To Go Gramless In 2021?

Instagram removing "likes".

Instagram has publicly announced they will be removing the “likes” feature from their platform. The social media outlet has been number one in their business ousting out its competitor Facebook. Sportsbooks have placed odds on the future of Instagram, should they go through with the changes. NEW YORK – The popular social media platform Instagram … Read more