More Than Heads or Tails, SB54 Coin Toss Odds Plus

Super Bowl LIV Coin Toss

There are multiple different prop bets surrounding the coin toss ahead of Super Bowl 54. Betting lines across multiple sportsbooks looking at not just who wins the coin toss, but if the winner of the coin toss also wins the game. 52.6% of NFL teams that win the coin toss win the game. MIAMI- There … Read more

Prop Bets For Opposing Sides Of Super Bowl Players Morality

Prop Bets For Opposing Sides

There are prop bets that are based on players’ morale compasses during Super Bowl weekend in Miami. One prop bet asks if a player will propose to their girlfriend following the game while another focuses on whether or not a player will solicit a prostitute. Both bets have No as the favorite. MIAMI – The … Read more

Puppy Bowl Odds Shifting Amid Heavy Action At Sportsbooks

puppy bowl

As we get closer to the Puppy Bowl, odds are beginning to shift. This shift shows a lot of sports bettors are beginning to wager on the big event. More information such as the names of the puppies may have influenced some sports bettors. NEW YORK – The big day is almost upon us, as … Read more

J.Lo And Shakira Headline Super Bowl 54 Halftime Show Odds

J.Lo And Shakira

J.Lo and Shakira will be shaking their hips on stage at the 54th Super Bowl halftime show. The duo is expected to put on quite a show for the world’s largest stage. Prop bets on their performances have already begun popping up on sportsbooks. MIAMI – To match the Latin flavors that make up the … Read more