Teasing The Preseason Overs Comes To An Undefeated Record

  • Betting the over in the NFL preseason has gone 14-3 in Week 1.
  • Betting teasers on the over in the preseason are undefeated.
  • 8 of the 10 games in Week 2 have a total of 39.5 or higher.

LAS VEGAS – The hottest bet of the NFL preseason thus far has been betting on the over for the total points in a game. The record for the over is a scorching 14-3 through Week 1 including the Hall of Fame Game and oddsmakers have prepared for Week 2.

Looking ahead to Week 2 of the preseason, oddsmakers have set the totals high with 12 of the 16 games being played having a total of 39 points or more. 11 of those 12 games all went over 40 points. That said, do not be afraid to take totals that are set above 40 in Week 2 being that most of the starters will sit as the preseason continues.

This has really caught many NFL bettors off guard being that the under was the hot trend of the preseason last season having gone 23-8-1 through the three weeks.

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Teasing For A Profit

Aside from betting on the overs in total points for the preseason, teasing the overs has been even more profitable. Looking back to Week 1, there were a total of 560 possible three-team 10-point teasers that could have been taken. The record of those 560 possible combinations went 560-0.

For those not familiar with what a 10-point teaser is, it is when the sportsbook gives back 10-point to the point total. For example, if the total points in a game is set at 42.5 and the betting sites give back 10 points, to hit the over, the total combined points of that game must go over 32.5 points.