The Four QBs Atop The Heisman Oddsboard

  • Trevor Lawrence and Tua Tagovailoa were the favorites to win the Heisman coming into the season.
  • Joe Burrow has increased the most, moving from +10000 odds to win the Heisman to +400.
  • Jalen Hurts could be atop the Heisman betting odds list next week with another impressive outing.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Only four players have odds better than +1000 to win the Heisman. However, these top four players are not guaranteed to win the award. Still, with the teams surrounding them, betting on NCAA quarterbacks to win the Heisman is always advised.

Tua Tagovailoa +200

Tua is now the favorite to win the Heisman, after being in second for the majority of the offseason and through Week 2 of the NCAA football schedule.

Tua’s stats will be crucial for his Heisman campaign, as voters have every desire to remove the top dog from receiving the award. Last year, he was the favorite to win the entire season but with one slip up late in the year, the voters found themselves giving Kyler Murray the award.

The Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback is top-20 in completions (70), sixth in completion percentage (76.9%), one of six quarterbacks with at least 1000 yards passing (1007), is leading the league in touchdown passes (12), and has zero interceptions to his name. He also has an extra touchdown from one of his nine rushing attempts on the year.

Jalen Hurts +300

Interestingly enough, the top two odds to win the Heisman involve the two players who played for the same team and could have been responsible for holding one another back. Now that Hurts is playing for the Oklahoma Sooners, he has continued to prove why he is such a hot commodity in the NCAA.

Hurts has only attempted 61 passes on the year, but with 49 completions, his 80.3% completion percentage is beaten only be candidate number 3, Joe Burrow. Despite the few attempts, Hurts still has the 12th most passing yards, tied for seventh-most passing touchdowns, and also has zero interceptions to his name.

Even though Hurts is second in line here, his chances of surpassing Tua in the upcoming weeks are likely simply because of the running game Hurts has brought to Oklahoma. In just three games, Hurts has run for almost 375 yards and four scores, averaging just under a first down per every carry.

If he keeps this up, consider the award is his to lose.

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Joe Burrow +400

As the big-time mover on the list, Burrow came into the season at +10000 to win the Heisman at US sports betting sites. Bettors who had faith in the senior quarterback might be doing much better than the rest of us come decision time. Still, +400 odds to win the Heisman is a great payout considering the accolades brought forth by Burrow this season.

Burrow is top 10 in completions (75), first in completion percentage (83.3%), second in passing yards (1122), and tied for third in passing touchdowns (11). This makes his 223.9 QB Rating the second highest of all NCAA quarterbacks behind only Jalen Hurts.

LSU hasn’t played a serious quality opponent outside of #9 Texas, so Burrow will have to continue this impressive play when the SEC games come into play.

Trevor Lawrence +750

Trevor was the favorite during the entire offseason and with potentially the best team in college football, he won’t be going too far from the top spot. Still, Lawrence has yet to have a breakout game this year, as he has already thrown more interceptions this year (5) than last and has a completion percentage almost 5% lower comparatively as well (60.8%).

He comes in at fourth on the list for favorites to win the Heisman but could see his chances continue to dwindle if he can’t turn it around. Lawrence is 20th overall in passing yards, and currently is failing to make the top-40 in any other significant passing statistic.

Lawrence does have a rushing touchdown in every game he has played thus far but was stopped for -11 yards against their best opponent, the Texas A&M Aggies. If Lawrence doesn’t want to fall further down the ladder, he will have a solid outing upcoming on Saturday against the Charlotte 49ers. It is imperative he has a breakout game here or consider Lawrence’s chances to win the Heisman dead in the water.