The Match 4 Odds Feature MJ, Romo, Mahomes, And More

  • After the success of The Match charity golf challenge series, odds are available for who will compete in the next event led by Tony Romo at -150.
  • Other rumored competitors include his Airness Michael Jordan at even odds, golf superstar Bryson DeChambeau at +125, and acting legend Bill Murray at +400.
  • The list also holds current NFL quarterbacks like Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Matt Ryan, and Drew Brees all at +1200 odds.

LAS VEGAS – The success of The Match charity golf challenge has led to three versions of the event gracing the TV’s of fans and bettors over the last two years.

Beginning in 2018, Phil Mickelson played Tiger Woods in an exhibition match with a full media presence include hot mics and on-course cameras. The event occurred on Black Friday, and was extremely profitable in terms of viewership and engagement numbers.

The same was true for the Match 2, which featured Woods and Mickelson paired with legendary quarterbacks Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. The second chapter of the Match generated the highest golf ratings in cable history after being aired on TNT, as well as $20 million for COVID relief.

The Match 3 enjoyed the same success this past Black Friday, when Phil teamed up with Charles Barkley to pull off the upset over Peyton Manning and the NBA’s Steph Curry.

The success of the Match series has led to major online sportsbooks already teasing possible options for the next inkling of the series, with more former and current athletes among the mix.

Who Will Participate In The Match 4

  • Tony Romo -150
  • Michael Jordan EVEN
  • Bryson DeChambeau +125
  • Patrick Mahomes +300
  • Bill Murray +400
  • Larry David +400
  • Aaron Rodgers +1200
  • Ben Roethlisberger +1200
  • Drew Brees +1200
  • Matt Ryan +1200

The list features six former or current NFL quarterbacks, in addition to possibly the greatest athlete of all time in Michael Jordan. However, Tony Romo sits atop the odds board for one clear reason. He’s an exceptional golfer.

Golf bettors will already be familiar with the PGA Tour’s Bryson DeChambeau, who just recently signed a deal with DraftKings and could be looking to expand his interests into the sports entertainment world.

The executive producer of the first three matches, Bryan Zuriff already hinted at who could appear next year.

“I think you could showcase guys like Steph Curry and Michael Jordan or Tony Romo and Patrick Mahomes, who are all good golfers, elite talents and have great personalities,” said Zuriff. “Those personalities are going to come out with this event. Or you could have someone who loves the game and is competitive but is really entertaining like Larry David and Bill Murray. I think that could shine.”

Actors Bill Murray and Larry David also join the odds board, in what would certainly be the most hilarious pairing available. Entertainment is a huge part of the Match, with personality being the driving factor overplaying ability.

“It’s not about golf, it’s about personality,” said  Zuriff to CNBC. “And that’s what I’m hoping this turns into.”

Judging by the comments of Zuriff, a long-shot bet on either of those two comedians should seriously be considered.

The date of the next Match is undetermined, but reports indicate that it will most likely become an annual event on Black Friday. But bettors can be assured that it will be another star-studded affair with plenty of lines and wagers available via the online sportsbooks.