The Value Of Betting Karim Benzema At 7.6% ROI

  • Karim Benzema is a -1300 favorite to win the Ballon D’Or.
  • Benzema led La Liga in scoring, as well as the Champions League, with his Real Madrid team winning both competitions.

LAS VEGAS – Karim Benzema is almost a lock to win the 2022 Ballon D’Or, but bettors might still be interested in his odds.

Ballon D’Or Winner Odds

  • Karim Benzema -1300
  • Mohamed Salah +1000
  • Kevin De Bruyne +1500
  • Sadio Mane +1000
  • Robert Lewandowski +3000
  • Kylian Mbappe +2000
  • Lionel Messi +2000
  • Cristiano Ronaldo +2500

At -1300, a bet on Benzema is a pricey one at most online sportsbooks. A $100 wager will return $7.69 in profit, for a 7.69% rate of return.

The Ballon D’Or is awarded in October 2022, so if one considers Benzema a lock to win the award, this is an investment that matures over the course of four months at a 7.69% interest rate over that time period.

However, is Benzema actually a lock to win the Ballon D’Or?

Karim Benzema’s Ballon D’Or Case

Benzema led Real Madrid to a win in both La Liga and the Champions League, scoring 44 goals in all competitions.

He was the leading scorer in La Liga and in the Champions League, and his Champions League performance caused Lionel Messi – a multiple winner of the Ballon D’Or himself – to proclaim that Benzema was the sure Ballon D’Or winner.

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“There are no doubts; it’s very clear that Benzema had a spectacular year and ended up victorious in the Champions League,” Messi said. “He was fundamental in all the matches from the round of 16 onwards. I think there is no doubt this year.”

Changes To The Ballon D’Or Make Benzema A More Likely Winner

The Ballon D’Or used to be awarded based on an entire calendar year, but has since moved to being awarded based off of one season.

Thus, despite being awarded in October, the award is based off of the 2021-2022 season, which ran from August 2021 through July 2022. This was a season in which Benzema was clearly the best player in the world – the leading scorer in both La Liga and the Champions League, as his team won both.

Previously, soccer betting fans favoring Benzema for the award would have to be worried about an injury in the first two months of next season, as well as the potential for another player to outperform him.

Now, it seems as though it is actually done and dusted – and Karim Benzema winning the Ballon D’Or is as close to a lock as anyone can get.