Top March Madness Bracket Challenges Offer Great Deals

  • With March Madness set to begin this weekend, we take a look at some of the best contests and prizes around.
  • Pools of money are hovering in the tens or hundreds of thousands, with some offering upwards of $75,000 for the first place winner.
  • BetOnline and MyBookie are hosting some of the premier March Madness Bracket Challenges, with each reporting pools totaling between $150K-$250K.

LAS VEGAS – The time that bettors around the world have finally been waiting for is here, with March Madness approaching tip-off next Thursday. With hundred of contests across the internet, highlighting a few of the best allows college basketball fans to play with their friends or against the public and cash in on big money with the right bracket.

March Madness bracket challenges have long been a staple of the sports betting world and it is one of the most beloved yearly traditions with the hope that this year may finally be the one to bring us the ever-elusive perfect bracket. Online betting sites across the internet have posted their own various versions of the bracket challenge, with some offering huge payouts or great deals to take advantage of.

Top Bracket Challenges

One of the best bracket contests available comes from BetOnline, who is hosting a pool with $250,000 in winnings including first place taking home the grand prize of $75,000.

Entries into the contest are limited to 20 per person with a $25 buy-in for the first one. The bracket will then be available to fill out starting on Sunday, March 12, and importantly offers the benefit of being able to change any picks between then and the start of the tournament on March 16.

The point scoring system for this challenge works by doubling the amount for each correct pick in escalating rounds. For example, correct first round picks are worth one point, two points for every right second round pick, four for each Sweet 16 correct pick and so on.

A very nice advantage of BetOnline includes benefits for submitting multiple entries, with each entry after the first becoming $5 less for each of the first three, then submissions four through 10 are $10 each, with every one after that being just $5.

For bettors looking to make volume plays with their various March Madness brackets, BetOnline offers some of the best discounts for doing so, as well as a massive grand prize that any fan would love to win. The prizes are quite good even for those finishing outside of the top brass, with 1,000th place getting $50, double what one entry is worth.

MyBookie Offers Great Volume Deal

Another website holding a solid March Madness pool is MyBookie, who is offering a $10 buy-in with a maximum number of entries totaling 50.

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By far the most attractive part about this contest in particular is the special deal currently going on that grants one free entry for every two entries bought. In total this means that up to 16 free entries can be earned through buying 32.

This deal is currently available until Sunday.

The point system is identical to the one from BetOnline, offering points for each correct pick that doubles in each subsequent round.

Those looking to play in this one will want to keep in mind that submissions cannot be changed once submitted.

Cash prizes feature $25,000 in winnings for first place with the rest of the top five being $5,000 less for each spot below first. Places 501-750 are the lowest possible placements to still qualify for a payout with $75 in winnings.

Overall, the sports betting world is teeming with excitement for the return of March Madness and online sportsbooks are hosting many contests that bettors can get excited about. From free entries to flexible submissions, March Madness fans can enjoy many benefits from using the aforementioned websites’ contests and maybe this will be the year that a perfect bracket will finally be realized.