Tua Questions His NFL Draft Odds; Uncertain With Dolphins

  • There are four different NFL Draft prop bets for Tua Tagovailoa.
  • Mock drafts and NFL Draft odds favor Tagavailoa being selected by the Miami Dolphins.
  • Tua has expressed feelings of uncertainty about meeting with the Dolphins at the combine.
  • Teams are questioning if Tua will bounce back from his injury.

MIAMI — As NFL Draft odds become more abundant, many questions are surrounding who and when Tua Tagovailoa will be drafted.

The Miami Dolphins have expressed interest early on about the former Alabama quarterback, but Tua has been uncertain if the feeling is mutual between the two.

There have also been questions about if he will be able to bounce back after getting injured last year and sitting out a good chunk of the season.

The questions surrounding this college football national champion have created multiple opportunities for those who enjoy betting on the NFL, and don’t want to wait until September, to do so.

Prop Bets

Online sportsbooks currently have four different prop bets available on Tua Tagovailoas draft pick.

Odds for who will be the second quarterback taken in the NFL Draft:

  • Tua Tagovaiola -400
  • Justin Herbert +285
  • Jordan Love +1100
  • Field +1800

Odds for who will be the third overall pick in the NFL Draft:

  • Jeffrey Okudah +150
  • Tua Tagovaiola +175
  • Chase Young +600
  • Isaiah Simmons +600
  • Field +850
  • Derrick Brown +1000

Odds for who will be the third quarterback taken in the NFL Draft:

  • Justin Herbert -400
  • Jordan Love +400
  • Tua Tagovailoa +600
  • Field +2000
  • Jacob Eason +3300

Odds for what pick Tua Tagavailoa is selected:

  • 5th Pick +150
  • 3rd Pick +250
  • 2nd Pick +375
  • 6th Pick +650
  • 4th Pick +800
  • Field (any other pick) +800

Whether or not Tua is going to be the second quarterback taken is still up in the air as there has also been a lot of interest from teams regarding Justin Herbert from Oregon. The prop bet on if he will be selected third overall is interesting because that pick currently belongs to the Detroit Lions.

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There have been reports that the Lions could possibly move on from long time quarterback, Matthew Stafford and be interested in Tua so that is not completely out of the question.

Whether or not Tagovailoa is the third quarterback taken falls in the same category of if he is the second quarterback taken.

If there are questions about him being the fourth quarterback, those should be quickly shut down as that is highly unlikely as Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and Tua Tagavailoa are all expected to be the first three quarterbacks to be selected.

The pick that he will be selected is also in question as both the Lions (3rd pick) and Dolphins (5th pick) both have interest in the former Alabama Crimson Tide star.

Miami Dolphins Rumors

The Dolphins currently own the fifth pick in the NFL Draft and are in desperate need of a quarterback as Ryan Fitzpatrick can only do so much and Josh Rosen is looking to be a bust. However, there have been rumors of them exploring options to trade up for the first pick and select Joe Burrow. If they don’t end up doing that, they would have to hope and pray that Tua or Herbert is still available to them at the fifth pick.

Other than the uncertainty of Tagavailoa still being available, there have been recent reports of Tagovailoa being uncertain about landing in Miami. It has also been heard that the Dolphins have expressed interest in Herbert as well.

“No one was excited. They didn’t give any indication of ‘he’s their guy’ He felt weird, like is this a joke? … He’s not turned off, but it was just weird,” a source told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel.

Tua’s Injury

Unfortunately for Tagovailoa, there are a lot of questions surrounding him, and one of them being his health. After playing nine games in 2019, he suffered a hip injury that left him sidelined for the remainder of the season.

There is no doubt that the talent is there as he put up 2,840 yards and 33 touchdowns in those nine games. Before that, he was the clear favorite to be the number one pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.