US Sportsbooks Offering More Than Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Odds

  • Nathan’s Famous hot dog eating contest will be taking place Saturday.
  • Joey Chestnut is the heavy favorite for the men’s contest with -1400 odds.
  • Miki Sudo is favored in the women’s contest with -1400 odds as well.

CONEY ISLAND, N.Y. - This year’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest is shaping up to see Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo have their hands held high once again.

Online sportsbooks have different betting odds listed for the hot dog eating contest from over/under bets to straight bets.

In the men’s competition, Joey Chestnut opened up the odds as the favorite to win with -900 odds back in February.

Since then, his odds have remained the favorite but are at -1400 odds now while the odds for the remaining contestants are at +650.

Bettors should look no further than Chestnut as he has won for the past four years.

As for the women’s contest, Miki Sudo opened up those odds at -550 odds.

She has also remained the favorite and proven her worth, jumping to an impressive -1400 odds.

The field is at +650.

Betting on Sudo will give bettors a good night of sleep as she has won the past six years.

Over/Under On Winner’s Hot Dog Consumption

The over/under for total hot dogs eaten by the winner in the women’s competition is set at 40.5 with the over favored.

It is surprising that the over is the favorite here as in the past six contests that Sudo has won, she has only hit the over mark once with 41 hot dogs in 2017.

The remaining five contests have all seen the under by two or more hot dogs. Bettors should be taking the longer under odds here and take the nice payout that comes with it.

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As for the men’s contest, there are two over under lines posted.

There is an over/under line at online sports betting sites, which is set at 72.5 with the over favored at -180 and the under at +140. The other over/under line is set at 73.5 with the under favored at -130 and the over at -110.

In Joey Chestnut's entire career of hot dog eating, he has only hit the over on both lines once with 74 hot dogs eaten back in 2018.

He has, however, eaten 70 or more hot dogs in the last four contests. Besides the 74 mark, his other 70+ contests have stayed under both over/under lines as well.

On the 72.5 line, bettors can take the under and enjoy a nice payout when betting on the entertainment props. However, for the 73.5 line, bettors should be also taking the under as well, as it is the favorite for a reason.

Other Hot Dog Contest Props

There are two other prop bets on the contests as well. There is one asking if there will be a recount needed with the odds in favor of there not being one with -1200 odds while the odds of there being one are at +600.

The second prop is if there will be an eat off. The odds of there not being an eat off are heavily favored as well with -5000 odds while the odds for an eat off are at +1000.

Both Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo have separated themselves far from the competition.

Chestnut has won the last four contests by 10 or more hot dogs in each of his wins. Sudo has won the contest by five or more hot dogs in three of her last four wins.

As for the recount, it is more common. There have been recounts in the past two hot dog eating contests which have bumped up both of Chestnuts numbers.

If bettors want to take the risk, betting in favor of a recount could help their pockets grow.