Wagering Tips To Avoid Being Sidelined This College Football Season

  • College football one of the biggest sports to bet on among sportsbooks all over.
  • When wagering on the games, it’s best to have as much information as possible before placing your bets.
  • Mistakes are made when bettors become overconfident in their abilities rather than the statistics.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Sports betting on college football adds an extra dose of excitement to the game, however, there are certain wagers you’ll want to avoid if you’d like to keep the shirt on your back this season. There are a few very common mistakes bettors run into when wagering on the games. Now that the season is about to be in full swing, it’s best you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Common Mistakes Bettors Make

The biggest mistake that people make when betting on college football is placing money on one too many games. Plenty of gambling happens on Thursday and Friday only to have a mountain of games to wager on Saturday. Weekend games have the best odds as the oddsmakers have sharpened their lines for bets based on the information they retain during the week. Gambling on too many games, unless you’re some kind of psychic is bound to leave you in a hole that you’ll hope other games will get you out of and then you’re in a never-ending cycle. It’s best to wager on a few games you’re sure of. In this instance, the quality of the bets you place will outweigh the quantity of them.

Consider The Defense

Another problem is placing bets on the offense with no regard for the defense. When it comes to teams that rack up the points, it's easy to understand why you’d want to place your money on the offense. These kinds of bets are the bread and butter of sportsbooks. Rather than watch SportsCenter highlights, take a look at defensive statistics like third-down denials, sacks, yards-allowed-per-play, and takeaways. These statistics are factored into game lines of those high scoring offensive games. By knowing the statistics on defense, you’ll be able to make a better choice of a wager.

Overvaluing Homefield Advantage

One more common mistake is that of the homefield advantage. This is not exactly a huge factor in a team’s ability to win. Betting on the home team is done often because of the home-field advantage theory. While it’s true that teams have a better rate of winning at home than on the road, it can go either way. The visiting team has no issue with playing on a different field. Factors that weigh heavily on a visiting team’s performance have more to do with their bodies being tired from traveling and having to adjust to the new climate. When placing a wager on the home team, be sure to look at both teams’ statistics and understand that a home-field advantage shouldn’t cause you to bet specifically for that team.

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Careful With Parlays

Another issue you might run into is betting parlays. Parlays are great; when you win. College football games are big for betting parlays. When they payout, they payout big but they don’t payout often enough to take the risk. It’s better to place straight wagers unless you’re absolutely certain that each pick in your parlay will have a positive outcome. Too often bets that would’ve won on straight wagers fall short in a parlay sequence.

...And Teasers

The last mistake you’ll want to avoid when wagering on college football are teasers. The scoring that takes place in college is much different than that of professional ball. Scoreboards go up way too high sometimes. Even if you move your line ten points in your favor, that doesn’t help for games with totals of 70 and beyond.

Now that you’re aware of common issues for betting on football at online sportsbooks for US players, You’ll be better prepared to place your wagers this season. The best time of year is finally upon us folks. Get those sports statistics in hand and start placing those bets!