Weekend Pro And College Football Line Shopping Spotlight

  • Line shopping odds for this weekend's football games can lead to some profitable finds, like Virginia Tech getting -13 at FanDuel, compared to -11.5 at BetOnline.
  • Other lines include the Baltimore Ravens getting -10 at FoxBet against the Philadelphia Eagles, compared to -9 at Bovada.

LAS VEGAS – When it comes to betting on sports, line shopping is one of the most important aspects of preparation for any successful bettor.

Whenever placing a bet, bettors always want to make sure they are maximizing their value, and are getting the most out of their money. The best way to do this is through line shopping.

Line shopping is simply the act of comparing different betting odds across different sportsbooks to make sure you are getting the best possible bet.

Typically, this deals with point spreads, but it also extends to moneyline odds, over/under point totals, player props, and really any type of bet imaginable.

This weekend, there is plenty of line shopping to be done for bettors looking to bet on both college football and the NFL.

Take for example this college football matchup, which has significantly better odds on the international online sportsbooks compared to state-sponsored retailers.

Virginia Tech Hokies vs. Boston College Eagles – 10/17 8:00 p.m. EST

  • Virginia Tech at FanDuel: -13.0
  • Virginia Tech at BetOnline : -11.5

Those looking to bet on this ACC matchup can find an entire point and a half extra on BetOnline compared to FanDuel.

That means that if Virginia Tech were to win by 12 points, a bettor would lose their bet on FanDuel, and win their bet on BetOnline.

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This is an extreme disparity in value that is being given up by avoiding the effort that goes into line shopping. High volume bettors will reflect this over time via their winnings.

This extends to all sports as well, like this line on the Baltimore Ravens for bettors who prefer the NFL.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Philadelphia Eagles – 10/18 1:00 p.m. EST

  • Ravens at FoxBet: -10
  • Ravens at Bovada: -9

Getting an extra point on any football bet is huge, but it is even more valuable when it comes at the ten-point mark.

Zero, three, and seven are the most common numbers that football scores end with due to the nature of scoring. A final score difference of 10 points is extremely common in football.

This is popularized immensely by the football betting game known as squares.

That means that if the game between the Ravens and Eagles is won by Baltimore via a touchdown and a field goal, bettors with FoxBet would push, while bettors while Bovada would cash out.

Over time, it is clear to see how big this is to bettors whose main goal is winning money.