What Happens To Futures Bets After NBA Suspends Its Season?

  • The NBA announced that the season will be suspended, leaving sports bettors with ungraded futures bets.
  • Online betting sites may declare a winner or simply cancel all bets that were made on the NBA’s award races and champion.

SAN FRANCISCO – Things in the NBA took a huge step forward late on Wednesday Night.

After testing positive for COVID-19 “Coronavirus”, Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert became the face of the NBA’s action to suspend the remainder of the season until further notice.

There is no timeline as to when the season may pick back up and the G-League also suspended their play.

It is believed that the leagues will be without play for at least two weeks though they are allowed to have closed-door practices.

The NBA And Coronavirus Timeline

Things went from 0-60 in a matter of hours as the NBA announced limited locker room access on Monday. This meant that only players, coaches, and front office members would be able to be in the locker room before and after the game.

The NBA even took it a step further by mandating an eight-foot personal space barrier between the media and the players when being interviewed.

On Wednesday, the Golden State Warriors and Brooklyn Nets expressed that their game would feature no fans as the game would be played with just essential personnel at the arena.

Now, we’re looking at the potential for April to resume the season – a time when the NBA Playoffs generally begin.

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What Happens To Futures Bets On The NBA?

With only a dozen or more games left for the NBA franchises, those who bet on the NBA may find out just exactly how their futures bets will be graded.

For the regular reason awards such as the MVP or Rookie of the Year – which both were in the heat of their discussion – sportsbooks may grade both as canceled bets.

Favored slightly but losing ground, Giannis Antetokounmpo was seeing an emergence from Lebron James in the MVP race. For the best rookie, Ja Morant kept his favorite status, despite Zion Williamson averaging more points than any rookie in NBA history during his brief season.

The media may declare a winner similar to how it would happen during a lockout season but until the remainder of the season is either canceled or played in the near future, this decision will likely not be made.

If no playoffs are to be had, sportsbooks may also grade out a champion but it seems more likely that they will wait to see what happens or just cancel all of the wagers.

A betting situation like this has never been seen before in the NBA, and as the NBA gets into their next steps, only time will tell how the entire field will be graded.