Which Airline Will COVID-19 Force Bankruptcy On?

  • Coronavirus has caused airline prices to drop and betting odds for bankruptcy to be released
  • American Airlines leads the airline bankruptcy odds at +150.

DALLAS – With the coronavirus pandemic still causing fear, people are being told not to leave their homes unless it is an essential trip. In order to fully self-quarantine, people are told to stay in their homes for a minimum of two weeks.

With that being said, airlines have started to struggle through this time as a lot of people are not willing to risk getting the virus by traveling.

Airline Bankruptcy Odds

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, airlines have been suffering as people do not want to risk getting infected. Online sportsbooks have released odds on which airline will file for bankruptcy first due to the market taking a major plunge.

American +150
United +250
Delta +300
Southwest +500

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These are considered the top four airlines in the United States.

The entertainment odds for American Airlines and United could go either way as they are the third and fourthlargest airlines. The fact that Delta is third on this list, however, is shocking and should not be taken whatsoever. Their market cap is a nationwide $37.1 billion while Southwest is at $25.8 billion.

It would be safe for bettors to pull the trigger on either American or United, but Delta should not even be a consideration being that they are the top of all airlines in the country.