Why Bettors Believe Disney Plus Is A Big Plus

  • Apple TV Plus looking to compete with other on-demand services.
  • HBO Now making everything available to customers.
  • LeBron James’ show The Shop a big show on HBO Now.

BURBANK, Calif. - With so many on-demand platforms available, cable TV seems to be something that people will not be purchasing as much moving forward. Netflix is one of the hugest on-demand platforms attracting a lot of customers and TV networks have noticed.

TV networks are starting to follow the trend and create their on-demand streaming platforms. Disney was the latest to join by creating its platform called “Disney Plus”. Not only has Disney joined the movement, but Apple TV has also joined the trend to make sure they can keep up and gain customers.

With these two creating their platform of videos and shows in 2019, many believe 2022 is when we will see the huge increase in subscribers. US sportsbooks see Disney Plus taking full advantage of this.

Which Streaming Service Will Be On Top?

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Disney Plus (-400) is favored over Apple TV Plus (+350) and HBO TV (+500) to have more subscribers by 2022. Even though three years will be given for these platforms to grow, one is taking the world by storm already. Only within weeks of launching, Disney Plus has taken the world by storm. With so many different shows and movies from the past, customers are seeing shows that they remember watching as kids.

With classic movies like Lion King and Aladdin, this streaming platform is gaining subscribers of all ages. What makes this platform so amazing is everything that Disney owns is part of it. Pixar, Marvel, and the National Geographic are all included in its package. Launching just a few weeks ago, Disney Plus already has over 10 million subscribers. This could mean bad news for competitors HBO Now and Apple TV Plus. With how things are going, this race for the most subscribers may be decided well before January of 2022.