Why ‘The Cookout’ Flip Is Needed For Even Big Brother 23 Odds

  • Derek Xiao (+150) and Xavier Prather (+250) remain the two Big Brother 23 betting favorites.
  • With six contestants having odds longer than +1000, an alliance could form from the longshots.

LOS ANGELES - Before Wednesday's Big Brother 23 Episode 15 showing, things are running smoothly in the house but the shakeup is only getting started.

No longer in "team mode" every houseguest is reliant upon themselves, and Derek Xiao and Xavier Prather are still the strong favorites at online sportsbooks.

Odds To Win - Big Brother 23

  • Derek Xiao +150
  • Xavier Prather +250
  • Kyland Young +600
  • Tiffany Mitchell +600
  • Christian Birkenberger +800
  • Claire Rehfuss +800
  • Hannah Chaddha +1000
  • Sarah Beth Steagall +1400
  • Alyssa Lopez +2500
  • Azah Awasum +3300
  • Britini D'Angelo +3300
  • Derek Frazier +3300


Though the BB23 veto ceremony episode airs Wednesday night, Big Brother live feeds have progressed the knowledge further than what the show-watchers are up to date on from Sunday's episode.

With Derek X naming Christian as the backdoor target and replacement nomination, Christian joins Sarah Beth as the two on the block before Thursday's eviction.

Despite being the presumed target, Christian still sits with +800 odds - ahead of seven other houseguests. This could indicate that Christian will find the votes to stay this week, as entertainment sportsbooks can generally lead Big Brother fans in the right direction.

However, the focus turns on what happens next week.

Despite being one of the Big Brother betting favorites, Tiffany is seemingly overplaying her hand. Her social game is perfect - being the mom to everyone, understanding her surroundings and cues, and even having a final two deal with Hannah - but her ability to reason with people can sometimes have others leaving unimpressed.

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One factor of this is The Cookout.

Despite running the show, Tiffany is beginning to rub alliance members in Azah and Derek F. the wrong way. Her constant gameplay is proving to the latter duo that Tiffany is soon to be untrustworthy.

Though The Cookout is a strong group, if Sarah Beth stays and with her growing suspicion of Xavier, it would be amazing to see Azah, Derek F, and Kyland jump ship from Tiffany, Hannah, and Xavier.

An alliance of Kyland, Sarah Beth, Azah, and Derek F with the additions of floaters Claire and Britni would give the group of six the one person advantage over Derek X, Xavier, Tiffany, Hannah, and Alyssa.

With Derek X unable to compete in HOH on Thursday, the group of six would have a two-person advantage in the battle for next week's power.