Why The Miami Dolphins Odds To Make The Playoffs May Be Wrong

  • The Mami Dolphins' odds to make the playoffs are currently at +200.
  • The Dolphins (-125) are favored to beat the New England Patriots (+105) in their Week 15 matchup.
  • The Dolphins need to win their next two games as well as get some losses from other AFC teams in order to make the playoffs.

MIAMI – With the NFL season coming to a close, bettors are beginning to hone in on their favorite team’s odds to make the NFL playoffs. One team that has come close to taking that next step in the postseason is the Miami Dolphins. But, do they have enough to do it? Sportsbooks don’t think so.

NFL betting sites currently have the Dolphins' odds to make the playoffs leaning towards “No” with -275 odds. On the other side of the betting line, “Yes” has +200 odds.

The Dolphins do have signature wins under their belt including wins against the Los Angeles Rams and Arizona Cardinals. But, they also have inexplicable losses including a loss against an ailing Denver Broncos team.

This is a dicey line with tons of hidden value if bettors take yes. But, there are multiple moving pieces for this line to hit as early as Week 16.

The Dolphins Need Help

Along with the Dolphins needing to win their next two games, they’ll also need some losses from other AFC teams in the playoff hunt.

In one scenario, the Indianapolis Colts would need to lose their next two games. Their current matchup is against the Houston Texans. While the Texans have had a lackluster season to say the least, they were able to keep it close against the Colts the first time they played this season.

The game came down to a Deshaun Watson fumble at the two-yard line for the Colts to seal the win.

The Colts' next game also comes against the 11-2 Pittsburgh Steelers. Even though the Steelers have lost two straight, they have still proven to be one of the best teams in the league.

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Another scenario would be for the Ravens to fall against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The likelihood of this is almost nil. But if a miracle were to happen in Baltimore, the Dolphins would have the conference tie breaker should both teams fall to 10-6 for the year.

The most unlikely scenario would be for the Cleveland Browns to cough up their next two games. The Browns play against the New York Giants and New York Jets.

What The Dolphins Have In Front Of Them

All these scenarios are contingent on the Dolphins winning their next two games. This Sunday, the Miami Dolphins will face the New England Patriots where they find themselves favored to win at -125 odds.

The first time these two teams played this season, was Week 1 where the Patriots won 21-11. Both teams have looked much different since then and this game takes place in Miami where the Dolphins are notorious for defeating the Patriots.

The following game is against the Las Vegas Raiders. Online sportsbooks haven’t set the odds for that matchup quite yet as it will depend on how the teams perform this week.

But, at +200 odds, this bet carries arguably more value than any other playoff prop bet on the market right now. A win against the Patriots might shorten these odds, so the best time to hop on them is soon.