Will Positive COVID-19 Tests Affect The NHL Restart?

  • 35 NHL players have tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • The NHL had +300 odds for being the first sports league to return to action.
  • Other odds can be affected by the amount of players that test positive as well.

LAS VEGAS — As the NHL gears up for their playoff restart in Las Vegas, they are facing concerns regarding COVID-19.

Of 396 players that were tested for the coronavirus, there were 35 players that tested positive.

With the number of players that tested positive, certain NHL odds could be affected including moneyline bets, NHL prop bets and NHL futures bets along with many others.

Depending on which and how many players on a team have tested positive, it would be surprising if the odds on online sportsbooks were not affected.

In terms of moneyline bets, the odds could shift away from the favored team depending on which player or players have contracted the virus and how long they will be out for. When talking about prop bets and futures bets, they can be hit hard as well.

Prop bets could be refunded depending on if the bet made was on a player that tested positive. A futures bet will not be refunded as the bet is made far in advance and goes on no matter what happens.

Season Restart

The 35 positive tests would affect the seasons restart the hardest as the league will have to continuously test its players.

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It is expected that if a large number of players test positive, the league could in fact scrap the restart.

The NHL has chosen not to identify which players and teams have been affected by the virus in a statement released on the league's Twitter.

The league announced that they will not use the “bubble” method that the NBA is using but while the league’s restart is going on, all players, coaches, and team members must be quarantined.