Will Taylor Swift’s Love Fest Tour Go On? Oddsmakers Say No

  • Taylor Swifts Love Fest tour was set to begin on July 25, 2020.
  • The odds of Taylor Swift’s Love Fest Tour being postponed are at -4000.
  • Thousands of people were expected to be in attendance for the concerts.

LOS ANGELES — As the coronavirus pandemic continues, large events continue to either be canceled or postponed. All eyes are pointing towards Taylor Swifts, Love Fest Tour, to be the next big event that is going to be canceled or postponed.

Sportsbooks have released odds on whether or not the Taylor Swift Love Fest tour will happen or not.

Love Fest Tour

Taylor Swifts Love Fest Tour is set to go on starting on July 25 in Los Angeles, California. With the fear of the coronavirus, however, the tour has a realistic chance of being either canceled or postponed. Online Sportsbooks have released odds on whether or not the tour will ultimately succumb to that as so many other concerts have.

Entertainment odds show that the Love Fest tour being postponed is at -4000 odds and the odds for the tour actually happening are at +1000.

Now, odds for the tour being canceled completely are at -2500 while the odds for the tour still going on are at +800. It is hard to believe that the tour would be canceled fully as Swift is the type of artist that cares about her fans. It would also be a substantial loss in revenue on her part.

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But, COVID-19 has changed all facets of life for everyone. This includes even the biggest popstars.

The tour was set to begin at the newly built SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles. The capacity of the venue is upwards of 70,000 people. Being that her tour is expected to sell out football stadiums, it would break the “large gathering” rules set by the government of no more than 10 people allowed to be in the same place at the same time.

Another factor to think of is that some places on her tour could be on a “stay at home” order. This means that people would not be allowed to leave their houses unless it is to go to an essential location like the grocery store or bank.

All in all, for bettors, it would be a safe bet to go ahead and put your money on the tour being postponed or canceled as the show will likely not go on at the expected start date.