Wizard Of Odds? Betting Lines Available For Cast Of Oz Remake

  • Warner Brothers Studios has announced they will be remaking the classic film The Wizard Of Oz, leading sportsbooks to post betting odds on who will play key characters.
  • Leading candidates to play Dorothy include Sadie Sink for +140 betting odds, while names like David Tennant (+140) are listed for the Scarecrow, and Neil Patrick Harris (+140) as a potential Tinman.

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. – It seems like nothing is off-limits these days in Hollywood, and one of the most beloved classic movies of all time is next on the list for a reimagining.

Warner Brothers’ New Line studio announced this week they would be remaking the 1939 legendary film the Wizard of Oz.

The original adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s 1900s children’s fantasy novel starring Judy Garland was one of the most beloved and popular movies of the 20th century.

The studio has signed on Nicole Kassell, director of Watchmen and The Woodsman, to lead the project.

Naturally, attention has immediately shifted to who will play the key roles in the film. The story is heavily character-driven, with iconic roles like the Cowardly Lion, the Tinman, and the Wizard himself all joining Dorothy on her fantastical adventure of self-discovery.

This hype has led to entertainment betting odds appearing on the major online sportsbooks for who will be cast in the biggest roles in the film, beginning with the role of Dorothy.

Who Will Play Dorothy In The Wizard Of Oz Remake?

  • Sadie Sink +140
  • Hailee Steinfeld +160
  • Katelyn Nacon +225
  • Ariana Grande +600
  • Miley Cyrus +600

The leading candidate according to the oddsmakers is Stranger Things star Sadie Sink. While she doesn’t have too much star power, the young actress does have Broadway experience and sports a Garland-esque mane of red hair.

Hailee Steinfeld is another possible option for those looking to bet on the entertainment industry. She has a much higher chance of landing the role than someone like Ariana Grande or Miley Cyrus, who do not exactly embody the innocence of the Dorothy role.

While Dorothy is the star of the adventure, many fans of the classic film harbor stronger attachments to the characters that join her on the journey, like the Cowardly Lion.

Who Will Play The Cowardly Lion In The Wizard Of Oz Remake?

  • Jon Bernthal +140
  • Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson +160
  • Jack Black +225
  • Andy Serkis +600
  • Dave Bautista +600

It is likely this role will involve a fair share of CGI, so actors with experience in that department like Andy Serkis and Dave Bautista are not terrible choices here for their value.

The Lion role doesn’t require too much singing ability, so it is possible someone like The Rock or Jack Black appears in the film. Still, grizzled actor Jon Bernthal remains the top choice.

Who Will Play The Scarecrow In The Wizard Of Oz Remake?

  • David Tennant +140
  • Lin-Manuel Miranda +160
  • Ryan Gosling +225
  • Brad Pitt +600
  • Shia Labeouf +600

By far the most interesting list of potential actors comes for the Scarecrow. The raggedy role is known for its’ key song “If I Only Had A Brain," and would require some singing ability to pull off.

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Doctor Who alumnus David Tennant would be a great choice for the role, as would Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda. It is unlikely that Warner Brothers would bring in someone like Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt for the role, but it is possible.

Who Will Play The Tinman In The Wizard Of Oz Remake?

  • Neil Patrick Harris +140
  • Robin Lord Taylor +160
  • Jackson Harper +225
  • Kit Harrington +600
  • Timothee Chalamet +600

Another classic role with a good lineup of potential castees. It is important to remember that none of these people could be on the final cast list for the film. With that said, who wouldn’t want to see Neil Patrick Harris covered in silver paint lamenting about his lack of a heart.

There is no doubt someone with Harris’ musical experience would kill this role, and he deserves his spot atop the oddsbaord.

Who Will Play The Wicked Witch In The Wizard Of Oz Remake?

  • Elizabeth Banks +140
  • Meryl Streep +160
  • Lena Headey +225
  • Angelina Jolie +600
  • Tessa Thompson +600

Debatably the most important role in the film is that of the Wicked Witch. Margaret Hamilton’s portrayal in the original film scarred many children back in the day, and is quite the act to follow up.

Elizabeth Banks is a surprise leader for this role, as she has typically played more comedic roles over her career. Someone like Lena Headey would certainly be menacing as the Witch, just like she was in her role as Cersei Lannister in Game of Thrones.

It is unlikely Meryl Streep or Angelina Jolie would take on the role, as both have played evil witches of their own in recent films with Into The Woods, and Maleficent respectfully.

Who Will Play The Wizard Of Oz In The Wizard Of Oz Remake?

  • Mark Hamill +140
  • Ian McKellen +160
  • Tom Hanks +225
  • Patrick Stewart +600
  • Steve Martin +600

The final betting line comes from the king of the land of Oz himself, the Wizard.

Mark Hamill, Ian McKellen, and Patrick Stewart would all be tremendous choices for the character, with all three having adept experience in fantasy roles.

Needless to say, a legend like Tom Hanks or Steve Martin would do the role its rightful justice, but could be a bit too big of an actor for this particular role.