World Cup Qualification Odds Show Top Teams Missing Event

  • Either Italy (EVEN) or Portugal (+120) will miss the World Cup in 2022.
  • Panama (+115) is expected to lose their spot to the trio of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

QATAR – The coming months will solidify the field for the 2022 World Cup and odds are available for all of the eligible countries.

Either Italy Or Portugal Will Miss World Cup

Italy and Portugal are the last two winners of the Euros, but one of the countries will not be making a trip to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup as they are in the same grouping in their playoffs. Online sportsbooks suggest that Italy is the most likely team to qualify in the grouping that includes Portugal, North Macedonia and Turkey.

World Cup 2022 Qualification Odds

  • Italy EVEN
  • Portugal +120
  • Turkey +600
  • North Macedonia +850

This is an important grouping because either the defending 2020 Euro champions or Cristiano Ronaldo will not compete at the World Cup. Each team needs to win two games to qualify, Italy will play North Macedonia and Portugal will play Turkey while the winners of each match will compete against one another for a trip to Qatar.

Both Italy or Portugal have solid odds as the two should win their first matches and reach the final. Bettors could even bet on both of teams and either break even if Italy wins or net a small profit if Portugal does.

The matches will take place in March.

USA, Canada and Mexico Favored To Represent North America

There are four CONCACAF teams fighting for three spots in the World Cup. The United States, Canada and Mexico are all favored by soccer betting sites to make the trip to Qatar while Panama is expected to be the team that falls short, despite being tied with Mexico in points.

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World Cup Qualification 2022 Odds

  • Mexico -4000
  • United States -2600
  • Canada -2200
  • Panama +115

The interesting part about these odds is it depicts a scenario in which Mexico, Canada and the U.S. are all virtual locks to make it, but that’s certainly not the case. The CONCACAF table shows Canada leading with 16 points, the United States trailing with 15 points and Mexico holding a tie-breaking lead over Panama with 14 points each.

The top three spots qualify for the World Cup, meaning one of the four will be left out. Considering the countries are so close to one another, betting on Panama at +115 might not be the worst of moves considering they are well within reach with six games remaining between January and March.

The one thing not in Panama's favor is they will have to play all three of the current top seeds, which makes it a tough schedule but it also gives the team control of their own fate if they're able to upset all three of them.

The 2022 World Cup will be played from November 21 to December 18 in 2022.