Yankees Shift To Heavy Favorites As Juan Soto Tests Positive

  • Washington Nationals star Juan Soto has tested positive for COVID-19.
  • The odds on the Nationals in tonight’s matchup against the Yankees are getting longer.
  • There is no word yet regarding the rest of the Nationals roster.

LAS VEGAS - Washington Nationals Star Juan Soto has been diagnosed with COVID-19, just hours before his team was set to face off against the New York Yankees on MLB’s opening day.

Soto, already one of the best players in the majors, is a serious threat in the batter’s box.

In his rookie year last year, the Nationals star put up a .345 batting average and a 1.121 OPS, both of which are elite marks.

His absence raises questions in both the short term and long term markets. In the short term, what happens to the Yankees vs. Nationals odds?

In the long term, what implications does this have about the MLB’s ability to sustain a season? Soto has spent the last weeks in close contact with his Nationals teammates, and it remains unclear how long he has had the virus.

This raises questions about whether or not Soto passed the virus to any of his teammates, and whether those teammates will be carrying the virus during the game.

As of now, the game is still scheduled to occur without delay.

Let’s take a look at some of the short term effects of this news via the betting odds.

This morning, BetOnline’s sportsbook had the odds on the Nationals vs. Yankees game as follows:

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Yankees vs. Nationals Betting

  • New York Yankees -133
  • Washington Nationals +123

Within minutes, the odds on BetOnline’s sportsbook changed drastically.

Yankees vs. Nationals Betting Odds

  • New York Yankees -158
  • Washington Nationals +145

A moment like this also highlights the value of shopping lines.

For example, on Bovada, the baseball odds look like this:

Yankees vs. Nationals Betting

  • New York Yankees -170
  • Washington Nationals +143

Bettors must move quickly in order to capitalize on events like this, as those in support of NY need to take action.

Those looking to take the Nationals must wait until it reaches its final peak.

We here at USAOnlineSportsbooks wish Soto the best in his recovery, and his Nationals teammates luck in avoiding the virus.