You Can Bet On How Impeachment Will Affect President Trump

  • The ongoing impeachment process could have a lot of impact on Trump’s re-election.
  • Online sportsbooks are posting props on what could happen with the impeachment inquiry.
  • More Democratic candidates are jumping in the race to take on President Trump.

NEW YORK – With an ongoing impeachment inquiry, there are various prop bets available related to President Trump’s re-election chances.

Trump Impeached And Removed

The prop bet that will likely have the most action on it on USA online sportsbooks is the question of impeachment. Will President Trump be impeached and removed from office? Odds say that yes, Trump will be impeached and removed before the 2020 elections with +175 odds. No, Trump will not be impeached and removed has shorter odds with -250.

In reality, "no" has the best chances of paying out. The reason for that is impeachment and removal are two different things. Impeachment means that the US House of Representatives has voted to submit the President to a trial. The trial happens in the US Senate. The House is currently run by Democrats, so it is likely that Trump will be impeached. But the Senate is run by Republicans, and it is unlikely that the President will be removed from office.

Trump Running For Re-Election

Due to the fact that President Trump is facing impeachment, many are wondering if he will still run for re-election. There are -700 odds that yes, President Trump is running for re-election. There are also +450 odds that no, the President will not run for re-election.

The odds boards definitely favor the "yes" in this prop bet and with good reason. President Trump has insisted on his innocence on his Twitter account. Because of that, it is unlikely that he is going to drop out of the 2020 elections. But stranger things have happened.

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Trump 2nd Term

The final prop bet is betting on if you believe that President Trump will be re-elected for a second term. There are -210 odds saying yes, President Trump will win his re-election. On the other hand, there are +145 odds saying no, President Trump will not have a second term.

This particular prop bet is a mixed bag. The reason for that is because you are betting if a Democratic candidate can beat President Trump. Democratic nominees like Michael Bloomberg are still joining the elections. This is despite the fact that there were many Democratic debates already and some candidates have already dropped out.

At this point, it is unclear if President Trump will be removed from office thanks to impeachment. So, bettors will have to look at the Democratic candidates and decide if they think any of them can beat the President.

Throughout the year, more props on the President have come and went. As the impeachment inquiry continues, more props will likely become available.