NFL Matchup Info + Game Previews for 2023

NFL LogoThe key to winning a bet is by trying to pinpoint that one area where it can be taken advantage of. In a word, it's about 'matchups'. Searching out the best matchup to get an edge is critical in terms of betting on the NFL, or really in any sport. You'll hear coaches and players use the 'M' word all of the time. They do so because they know how important exploiting matchups are. The same can be said as far as betting as well, and when finding the area that's in a bettors favor, striking when the iron is hot.

Throughout our NFL section and pages of information, we talk about trying to gain an advantage. Our NFL matchups tool essentially brings all of those facets we talk about together and incorporates them into the game previews that you will be able to check out and read about below. Every game throughout the NFL season is listed and detailed, with the ability to click into multiple areas for plenty of information.

It is important to find betting trends, statistics, injury reports and other indicators that you trust. Heck, you can even check the weather forecast for a game that is being played outdoors. The matchups feature attempts to leave no stone unturned when analyzing and detailing an upcoming game on the NFL weekly schedule. The game lines can be found on the preview as well so that bettors are aware of the point spread.

If you are in a bit of a hurry, we probably recommend that you check out this page before any other. This is your best overall synopsis of a game, rather than going into further details about each aspect. Below this, we'll show you where you can bet on NFL games to expedite the process even further.

Betting Sites That Take NFL Action

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Best NFL Betting Sites For Matchups

Of course, the information provided for you in terms of betting is just that, information. For betting on the actual game, USA online sportsbooks specialize in NFL betting lines for American players, and can be found in bulk. Be sure to visit the sites that we have reviewed and recommend below, as each excels with their NFL betting section.

Bovada Sportsbook

NFL Matchup Betting Made Easy

Bovada Sports Betting

Betting on the NFL is one of the most common practices in the USA. Still, when deciding who to take in a certain NFL matchup can be difficult, many betting sites can confuse you even further with hundreds of betting lines, props, and numbers that make your head spin. Try Bovada instead. While they will have hundreds of NFL betting lines, Bovada has an NFL game betting preview for every matchup, giving bettors the information they need to place their bet. Deposit with crypto, a card, or more, but make sure to withdrawal even more after winning your football bets at Bovada.