How Pleasers Work In Sports Betting

Bettors should always be looking for the type of bet that best works for them. And when it comes to wagering on sports, there are plenty of options out there where high profit margins can be made - it just depends on how bold you are willing to be with you wagering. One type of wager that bettors can consider acting on is a pleaser.

Understanding the ways to bet on sports, like a pleaser, can give the bettor the advantage over the sportsbook when they go in making a wager. We've always said that an informed bettor is a type of bettor that online sports betting sites would prefer not to have. That's because they know you will have an advantage. We explain what a pleaser wager is below, and how it can be used to make a big profit.

What Is A Pleaser?

Often categorized in the same breath are teasers and pleasers. And while they sound similar to each other, they are exact opposites. While a teaser wager turns the spread more towards the favor of the bettor, a pleaser wager pushes the spread away from the bettor. A pleaser can take a field-goal favorite in a football game, and stretch that line to nine or 10 points.

So why would someone want to do this?

Well, for a couple of reasons. One, it kicks the payout up quite a bit depending on how many games are within a pleaser. When the point spread is adjusted in the favor of the opposite side of the wager, a bigger risk taken by the bettor, which is then rewarded with the opportunity to win much more money for the same amount.

Pleaser Wager Payouts

The payouts that can come from a pleaser is the driving force behind why a player would choose to take a point spread, and shift it considerably outside of their favor. But as they say, "the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward,"... no guts, no glory!

Pleaser wagers are typically only seen in football and basketball, so bettors who have a good feeling about a particular team blowing the spread out of the water, going with a pleaser might be the type of wager to make. Oddsmakers are good at formulating the spread, but they are certainly not always right. Getting in on a game where they are wrong is the perfect time to strike with a pleaser wager.

How Are Pleasers Different From Teasers + Parlays?

A pleaser wager is a stark contrast to a teaser. A pleaser will come with a high payout, as where a teaser with a low one. They do the opposite to a betting line adjusting it in different ways for the bettor.

As for parlay wagering, whenever a player decides to put money on this type of wager, they are opting to place the bet on the line as is, no adjustments or anything. But in addition to that, a parlay can also be made on a moneyline, which is a straight up wager where there is no spread. Pleaser and parlays do have the chance to both get very high returns on the amount that is risked - the entire basis for their popularity amongst gamblers.


Where CaN I Make A Pleaser Bet Online?

Think you might be interested in pursuing a pleaser wager one of these days? You're in luck. Just about any reputable sports betting site that allows USA players will give bettors the chance to place a pleaser. But like we said before, it might only come in limited sports. It's because the point spread shifts six or seven points depending, so it makes the most sense to have them in these sports as options.