How Pleasers Work In Sports Betting

Bettors should always be looking for the type of bet that best works for them. And when it comes to wagering on sports, there are plenty of options out there where high profit margins can be made - it just depends on how bold you are willing to be with you wagering. One type of wager that bettors can consider acting on is a pleaser bet.

Understanding how to bet on sports and odds types, like a pleaser, can give the bettor the advantage over the sportsbook when they go in making a wager. We've always said that an informed bettor is a type of bettor that online betting sites accepting USA players would prefer not to have. That's because they know you will have an advantage. We explain what a pleaser wager is below, and how it can be used to make a big profit.

Online Sportsbooks For Pleaser Bets

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What Is A Pleaser Bet?

Pleasers are the counter to teasers, making the wager riskier but increasing the potential payout from online sportsbooks. Bettors will increase or decrease the spread depending on the line to see the odds grow longer. For example, if a team like the Golden State Warriors were favored to cover -4.5 against the Boston Celtics but you are confident that the Warriors will win by more, you would take a longer line, maybe Warriors -10.5, to see more profitable odds.

Warriors Spread

  • Warriors -4.5 (-115)

Pleaser Odds On Warriors

  • -4.0 (-115)
  • -4.5 (-105)
  • -5.0 (+105)
  • -5.5 (+115)
  • -6.0 (+125)
  • -6.5 (+135)
  • -7.0 (+145)
  • -7.5 (+155)
  • -8.0 (+170)
  • -8.5 (+175)
  • -9.0 (+200)
  • -9.5 (+205)
  • -10.0 (+220)
  • -10.5 (+230)
  • -11.0 (+245)
  • -11.5 (+260)
  • -12.0 (+285)
  • -12.5 (+295)
  • -13.0 (+330)
  • -13.5 (+330)
  • -14.0 (+375)
  • -14.5 (+375)
  • -15.0 (+425)

How It Works

With pleasers, players are essentially giving the sportsbook a longer line for more profitable odds with a higher risk. Sportsbooks accept pleasers because the odds work better in their favor with a long point spread than the book initially set. The risk also increases for the sportsbook in that it would be paying out more. More risk more reward with pleasers betting.


  • More Profitable Odds
  • More Control Over Betting Lines
  • Can Be Used In Parlays


  • Increased Risk
  • Not Available For All Games

Why Would I Want To Make A Pleaser Bet?

Pleaser bets are useful for a couple of reasons. When you make a pleaser, you boost the payout up quite a bit depending on how many games the pleaser is composed of. When the point spread is adjusted in the favor of the opposite side of the wager, a bigger risk is taken by the bettor, which is then rewarded with the opportunity to win much more money, while risking the same amount.

Basically, when you think the spread of something is far too low, that’s the time to make a pleaser bet. When the favorite is favored by a touchdown but should be favored by 17, that’s when you make a pleaser bet. This is a very very risky strategy to take, and, as in most betting, your risk is compensated by high reward potential - although the two are not necessarily directly correlated.

Types Of Pleaser Bets

Pleaser bets are mainly associated with point spreads, such as taking a longer spread on a favorite to increase the potential payout, however, there are also pleasers for player and game props as well. For example, a player’s Over on total points for a game can be altered to taking more points than what’s set. If sportsbooks set Steph Curry’s total points for a game at 25.5 with (-114) odds, fans who think he will score more than that could do a pleaser and increase the line. Taking Curry at 30.5 (+150) would be a pleaser. The same can be found for total yards in football betting, assist totals in basketball, runs in baseball, and so forth.

Differences Between Pleasers And Teasers

Pleasers and teasers are essentially opposites. With teasers, players would take less on the line in order to ensure are the more likely outcome, despite less potential returns. Pleasers see players take more on the line, increasing the risk and potential reward. With teasers, a player would look at a line such as a -7.5 spread. If a better is not confident in a team covering this line, they could lower the spread to -4.5, however, this would see the odds shorten from let’s say -110 to -200. The payout in the teaser would be lower, but the risk is also decreased.

On the other hand, a pleaser bet would take that same betting line, and instead of lowering the line, increase it. The point total would move from -7.5 to -10.5, changing the odds from -110 to +150. This increases the potential payout, but the risk is far greater. That’s the difference between a pleaser and a teaser.

Pleaser Wager Payouts

The pleaser payouts on online sportsbooks are the driving force behind why a player would choose to take a point spread, and shift it considerably outside of their favor. But as they say, "the bigger the risk, the bigger the reward,"... no guts, no glory! Placing a pleaser bet is typically only seen in football and basketball. For bettors who have a good feeling about a particular team blowing the spread out of the water, a pleaser might be the type of wager to make. Oddsmakers are good at formulating the spread, but they are certainly not always right. Getting in on a game where they are wrong is the perfect time to strike with a pleaser wager.

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How Are Pleasers Different From Teasers + Parlays?

A pleaser wager is a stark contrast to the rules of betting on a teaser. A pleaser will come with a high payout, as where a teaser with a low one. They do the opposite to a betting line adjusting it in different ways for the bettor. They’re basically opposite bets. Teasers are meant to entice you to bet by offering better odds on individual games in exchange for more risk by teasing the games together. Pleasers are meant to entice you with enormous payouts.

As for parlay wagering, whenever a player decides to put money on this type of wager, they are opting to place the bet on the line as is, no adjustments or anything. But in addition to that, a parlay can also be made on a moneyline, which is a straight up wager where there is no spread. Pleaser and parlays do have the chance to both get very high returns on the amount that is risked - the entire basis for their popularity amongst gamblers.

Best Online Sportsbooks With Pleaser Bets

Bovada Sportsbook

Longer Odds For Pleasers

Bovada Sports Betting

Bovada hosts pleasers for most major sporting events across multiple leagues. Bettors are able to tweak the point spread, run line, puck line, or goal line for these games, increasing the potential pot. Bovada works to aid bettors to cash in big, so their pleaser bets are some of the best on the market.

BetOnline Sportsbook

Pleasers On All Major Events

BetOnline Sports Betting

Those looking for pleasers betting should check odds at BetOnline because the popular online sportsbooks offer pleasers on all major sporting events. From the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and March Madness Tournament to the World Series and Stanley Cup, odds are readily available with pleaser options. Win more at BetOnline.

Top Strategies For Pleasers Betting

There are a few key things to take note of when betting on pleasers. The first is to fully understand the team or player you are betting on.

Know Your Team/Player: Knowing their stats and the stats of the opposition is a great strategy when determining how much to move the betting line. If you are taking Steph Curry points and moving the line as a pleaser, it is good practice to understand how often curry hits the Over and by how many points.

Check Injuries: Something that can greatly affect the betting line and can either benefit or hurt pleaser bets are injuries. If a key defender is out of play due to injury, moving the line higher on a star scorer’s point totals ahead of the game could lead to a larger payout. Injuries can also aid bettors in deciding not to do the pleaser, as a scorer nursing an injury may not be worth the risk.

Line Shop: Even with pleasers betting, fans should always look at multiple online sportsbooks that take USA players to find the more profitable odds. If you are moving the betting line up and increasing the risk anyway, it makes the most sense to find the most money for the potential payout. Line shopping should be the main factor when betting with pleasers.