Teaser Bets - Teaser Rules And Payouts Explained

Online sportsbooks do their best to provide their account holders with different choices. This extends not only to what sports might be available to wager on, but what types of bets that can be made. The more wager types that an online sportsbook offers, the better chance that they will have in catering to a wider audience. Not only that, different wager types can be fun. One such bet that can be made is what's known as a teaser wager.

The purpose of this page is to educate bettors on what a teaser wager is, what sports it can be used on, how it's applied, and most importantly, what the advantages are that come along with using a teaser wager. In other words, why is placing a teaser something a bettor should consider?

What Is A Teaser?

To understand why or when a bettor would use a teaser wager, it's important to understand exactly what one is. A teaser is a multi-bet wager that allows the bettor to adjust the point spread of those wagers in their favor. A teaser can be linked to as few as two outcomes, or as high as 15 at some sports betting sites. Teasers typically only apply to the sports of football and basketball.

A teaser lets a player move the spread, while at the same time adjusting the payout. It is the exact opposite of a pleaser wager, because the teaser adjusts the spread making the bet easier to win, in theory. But at the same time, the payout can be sacrificed. And just like a parlay, which is another multi-bet sportsbook wager type that can be made, all teaser bets must hit in order for the payout to be had.

Teaser Wager Payouts

The next question on your mind probably relates to the type of payout that can be expected when betting a teaser. This answer varies, because it hinges on the number of teams that are contained within the teaser wager. The more teams associated with the wager, the higher the potential payout will be. In general, teasers come with low payouts because the spread is adjusted in the favor of the bettor. There can be no losers within a teaser for the bet to pay out. If one of the games within the teaser is a push, the bet would still be intact, it would only move to the payout tier below the original number, because that bet would essentially become voided.

How Are Teasers Different From Pleasers + Parlays?

While in general a teaser, pleaser, and parlay are of the same family of wagers because there are multiple outcomes involved, they are quite different. Betting on a teaser and betting on pleasers are polar opposites, protons and electrons. One does one thing, the other does the opposite. A teaser skews the spread in the bettors favor, and pleaser skews it away from the bettor.

The main difference between a parlay and a teaser wager lines within the adjustment of the spread or total. In terms of a parlay, there is no adjustment made on the wager. A bettor either puts their money down on the spread or the moneyline and will get paid accordingly to how much risk was taken. While the process is essentially the same for a teaser, moving the point spread + payouts are where the difference lies.

There are many online sportsbooks that will feature teaser wagers that their account holders can place a wager on. Prior to signing up at a sports betting site that accepts USA players, prospective users will have the chance to check out which sportsbooks will give them the opportunity to make a teaser wager. We have several top quality online sportsbooks below which bettors can place teaser wagers with.

Where Can I Make A Teaser Bet Online?

Many online sportsbooks will allow you to bet on teasers - they are, in many ways, one of the staple wagering types of sports betting. Teasers are one of the most common wagering variants - as opposed to the straight bets that make up the majority of sports betting. Basically, if someone is betting something other than the spread, the moneyline or the Over/Under, it’s pretty likely to be a teaser. Teasers are available at most if not all of the major online sportsbooks, but tend to be limited to those sports where the spreads are fairly large so that it is worth teasing. That means that you mostly see teasers in football and basketball, sports that can have large spreads.