Legal Sports Betting In The United States

When starting your search for sites that allow legal online sports betting in the USA, one key issue to address is the risk involved in betting on sports. In broad terms, no sports betting site is “legal” in the eyes of the United States government. New rules and regulations have swept through the gambling community to make it harder for U.S. gamblers to place money on their favorite events. However, although technically no site is “legal”, there are “safe” sportsbooks. That means the government has no means of enforcing laws, nor do they have jurisdiction over these US online sportsbooks found on this website.

These safe sites are always off-shore businesses which are safe to place bets with, and allow deposits and withdrawals. As a rule of thumb, if an online sportsbook takes players from the United States, it is a place safe for those who want to bet a few dollars on the day's or night's games.

The owners and operators of these sites are the ones that would take the brunt of the damage when legal action is taken, not the player. With that said, these sites would not accept U.S. players if they believed it was going to be a risky proposition. We do encourage you to make sure you do research to find sites you feel comfortable with for U.S. legal online sports betting.

Questions About Legal Sports Betting In The U.S.

Are there exchange rates for USA Online sportsbooks?

Typically, no. The online sportsbooks that are considered to be legal will happily accept U.S. funds, and then pay out players in the same currency. Unless noted otherwise, bettors who use American dollars will not have to calculate any exchange rate. This is especially true as any betting website listed on deals directly with USD and is straight up.

How do I know where to find legal sportsbooks for USA players?

As noted above, American laws that have taken place usually pertain to the business, not the person making the actual wager. Legal sports betting websites that accept USA players would not risk their business if they believe taking USA players will draw legal action. If an online bookmaker takes your action, it is typically a safe sportsbook for U.S. players.

What are some of the laws hindering U.S. online sportsbooks?

The UIGEA is a recent U.S. sports betting law that was attached to the Safe Port act of 2006. It makes it harder for gamblers to use funds from American banks to make their deposits. Credit and debit cards like VISA and MasterCard can sometimes be difficult when getting approval for specific transactions with online bookmakers. When this happens, gamblers will many times need to use a third-party to deposit funds such as cash transfers or purchase a prepaid credit card online.

Another law is the Wire Act, which makes it illegal to use the telephone or internet to do business with American bookmakers - this law does not apply to off-shore sport betting websites.

Perhaps the biggest hinderance to online sports betting in the U.S. is PASPA a.k.a. the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. This bans all states but Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and Montana from regulating sports betting and it is the #1 reason why states like New Jersey are unable to include sports betting as part of their new legal online gambling package set to roll out in 2013.

Are there transaction fees at U.S. Accepted Sportsbooks?

Sometimes. When using third-party sports betting deposit methods, like an eWallet, you can expect to be charged a small fee less than 5%.

How many off-Shore Sportsbooks offer lines on American sports?

American sports events are among the most popular in the whole world. Gamblers in Europe and Asia even bet on them. Therefore, almost every online sportsbook offers lines on American events, not only for U.S. players, but those in other countries, too.

Will I Get In Trouble For Betting Sports Online?

Individual users are within their right to place real-money wagers on sports online. The federal laws in place cover the operation of a website, not the placement of a wager. As such, offshore sites are legal outlets for USA players looking to bet on sports. Where players can get into trouble is if they use a website underage. Gambling underage is a serious offense, even at online sportsbooks. Outside of that, users do not have to worry about betting at online sportsbooks so long as they aren't operating one.

Best Legal Sportsbooks For U.S. Players

So, are you ready to see what you need to do to actually place a wager online? Well look no further because the online sports betting websites we've listed below are among the best you can choose. These websites are very reputable otherwise we wouldn't deposit our own money when it comes time for us to make wagers. Know that we bet on sports just like you do or are thinking about doing. This is how we know what you want + the path to lead you down when finding one that meets your needs!

Bovada Sportsbook - Accepts All U.S. Residents Except New York, New Jersey, MD, NV + DE

Bovada is one of the most popular sportsbooks found online, and offers a wide range of betting lines from NASCAR to NFL. It also features some of the most innovative ways to bet real money on sports in an atmosphere that is friendly, inviting, and most of all, safe.

The site also offers great rewards, like the welcome bonus which gives you a 50% deposit match of up to $250 when making your first deposit. Because of its wide-range of business and it's easy to use deposit methods, Bovada's online sportsbook is probably the best legal sports betting site that allows U.S. residents.

BetOnline Sportsbook - No U.S. Residents Meeting Legal Age To Bet In Their State Turned Away

In a matter of minutes you can be registered and wagering money on whatever betting line you choose if you go decide to sign up with BetOnline. This website is very professional and would be a no-brainer if it weren't for other bookmakers like the ones listed on this page. With that said, BetOnline has the best bonus promotion, 25% to $1,000 on every deposit for life, and it usually brings users back with frequency.

BetOnline's ultra quick deposit methods are very nice but the fast payout options separate it from the rest - it can take less than 24 hours to get paid with cash depending on the day/time your payout request is made + processed.

Best Legal Sportsbooks Accepting U.S. Players
Sportsbooks Legal For USA Bets USA Deposit Bonuses Go To U.S. Betting Site
Bovada Sportsbook Review 100% Up To $250 Visit Bovada
BetOnline Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $2.500 NEW! Visit BetOnline
Sportsbetting Sportsbook Review 75% Up To $1,000 NEW! Visit Sportsbetting
BetDSI Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $500NEW! Visit BetDSI
Dimes Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $520 Visit 5 Dimes