Dallas Cowboys’ NFC East Odds Dependent On Washington Game

  • The Dallas Cowboys have -700 odds to win the NFC East.
  • The Cowboys face off against the Washington Football Team on Sunday.
  • They have -210 odds to secure what will most likely be a division-winning victory.

WASHINGTON - Despite his team’s recent struggles, Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy appears to be overwhelmingly confident in his team heading into a crucial divisional matchup against the Washington Football Team.

"We're going to win this game," McCarthy said. "I'm confident in that."

The two teams will play twice in the waning NFL season, and a victory for Dallas would come very close to locking up the NFC East in their favor.

NFC East Division Winner Odds

  • Dallas Cowboys -700
  • Washington Football Team +650
  • Philadelphia Eagles +1400
  • New York Giants +10000

The Cowboys are hanging on to first place in the NFC East with an 8-4 record, while the Washington Football Team sits at 6-6. A win brings Washington within striking distance, but the online sportsbooks seem confident that McCarthy is at least on the right track.

Dallas Cowboys Vs. Washington Football Team Moneyline Odds

  • Dallas Cowboys -210
  • Washington Football Team +175

The online sportsbooks have the Cowboys as more than a 2:1 favorite, and this game will affect the way the NFC East odds go.

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The Cowboys have -210 odds to win this game, which will all but lock up the division, and it raises the question of whether or not taking their -700 is a smart one.

NFL betting fans will be able to gauge that after the fact, when they see what the odds are after the game. For now, however, they have to figure out if taking a -700 divisional favorite is a good idea or a bad one in the context of that divisional favorite having -210 odds to more or less win the division right now.

The Dallas Cowboys take on the Washington Football Team at 1 p.m. EST on Sunday. The game will be broadcast on FOX and NFL Network.