Online Sportsbooks That Accept Directpay

DirectPay SportsbooksThere’s some exciting news floating around the major sports betting sites on the Internet, as a new deposit method has just been announced at several of the top legal offshore sportsbooks. It’s called DirectPay. But given all the existing banking options for funding your sports wagering account(s), you might want to know a couple of things. First, what is DirectPay? And second, how is DirectPay different from existing deposit types that you’re already familiar with?

Simply put, DirectPay is an alternative to existing banking options that works in concert with your bank’s accounts and services. This means that, unlike other solutions like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you are likely already fully set up to use DirectPay.

DirectPay is actually quite a simple concept, and it works seamlessly with your banking services of choice. Instead of funding your sports betting account via a cashier’s check, bank wire, or convoluted person-to-person money order over the Internet, DirectPay consolidates these options and acts as the go-between for your financial institution when funds are sent out. This avoids the normal, time-consuming interstate transfers that usually accompany such payments, cutting down on the time and cost of getting your offshore wagering account primed and ready.

Types Of DirectPay Services

There are three main types of DirectPay services that are supported by sportsbooks. First and most conveniently, you can use DirectPay through your bank’s online management portal (if you are set up for online banking, which is a good idea regardless in this day and age). This is the most common type of DirectPay service, and it is the one best suited to the dramatic majority of US sports bettors. With this, you are essentially sending money to DirectPay directly from your bank account.

Secondly, you can use DirectPay to make cash/counter deposits at your bank in person. This is akin to sending out a cashier’s check. Simply ask your teller for an “out-of-state” deposit slip, fill it out per the instructions provided by your sportsbook of choice, and hand the teller the form and the cash you wish to put into your betting account.

Lastly, you can send out bank wires using DirectPay. This method uses DirectPay as the recipient of your wire transfer rather than having to go through one or more international banks (which, again, is time-consuming and leads to several days of waiting for your deposit to clear).

DirectPay Sportsbooks

Making a deposit at an online sportsbook can be hard. For many of us we find our attempt to fund our accounts a nightmare. Thankfully there is a new deposit method available at 5dimes that will solve your online sportsbook funding issues with three convenient options that are as safe and secure as they are fast and easy to use.

5Dimes now accepts DirectPay

5Dimes is the first sportsbook to accept the new DirectPay deposit method that is taking the online sports betting world by storm. DirectPay works like most traditional banking methods, with the added benefit that it’s typically faster and more anonymous than the alternatives it replaces. With DirectPay at 5Dimes, you can deposit three ways: cash/counter, electronic transfer, and wire transfer.

With the DirectPay cash option, there is a minimum and maximum deposit limit of $100 and $2000 per day, respectively. Electronic transfers carry daily limits of $100 minimum and $9500 maximum. As with normal bank wires, DirectPay wires have no daily maximum. 5Dimes is in the vanguard with DirectPay, and they’ve proved once again to be in the business of making everything as simple and straightforward for their customers as possible. Best of all, depositing with DirectPay also makes you eligible for all of 5Dimes’ excellent bonuses, including their $520 Welcome Bonus and their exclusive Reduced Juice program.

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Dimes SportsbookReview50% Up To $520

DirectPay FAQs

How does DirectPay work?

DirectPay works by being a “middleman” or “courier” of funds on your bank’s behalf. Remember, all transactions using DirectPay go first through your bank as any normal transaction would. Then, instead of those funds being transferred to one or more international banks for processing before it reaches its final destination (which can incur non-trivial fees and take a long time, comparatively), your money is handled by DirectPay and delivered to its final destination quickly and efficiently.

Who is DirectPay for?

DirectPay is for anyone who has an active bank account and wishes to deposit money safely and legally into an offshore sports betting account. DirectPay is especially well-suited to gamblers and bettors who have not invested in the cryptocurrency market and wish to use more traditional monetary transfer methods to fund their online sports wagering activities.

Why should I use DirectPay?

You should use DirectPay if you want a reasonably timely, safe, and more anonymous alternative to traditional sports betting banking methods like cashier’s checks, bank wire transfers, money orders, and so on. Essentially, if you use the above methods, then DirectPay is a decided improvement.

Do I have to sign up for a DirectPay account?

No, you do not have to sign up for a DirectPay account. This service exists independently, and anyone is free to use it. Remember, DirectPay is a financial intermediary, not a member service. Each DirectPay transfer is its own contract, and there are no memberships, membership fees, or anything like that.

How long does a DirectPay deposit take to show up at my sportsbook account?

Depending on the DirectPay deposit method you choose, it can take anywhere from two to five days for your funds to show up in your sportsbook account. Generally speaking, DirectPay electronic transfers are the fastest, bank wires are the slowest, and cash/counter transfers are somewhere in the middle. Regardless, when using DirectPay, you should never have to wait more than a week or so for your money to show up in your sports betting account.

What is the fastest DirectPay method?

Of the three DirectPay methods outlined above, the online option (accessed via your mobile banking or online banking portal) is the fastest one. This is going to be the best option for about 85% of US sports bettors that participate in legal offshore sports wagering.

DirectPay Sportsbooks

Does DirectPay have deposit limits?

Yes, DirectPay does have deposit limits that you need to be aware of, and they vary depending upon the type of DirectPay transfer you initiate. The following DirectPay deposit limits apply:

  • Electronic transfers (online banking): $100 minimum, $9500 maximum (per day)
  • Cash/counter transfers: $100 minimum, $2000 maximum (per day)
  • Bank wire transfers: variable minimum (contact your book), no maximum

Is DirectPay legal?

DirectPay is 100% legal to use, and the company has been licensed and accredited in the payment processing industry for over two decades. DirectPay is not a loophole or workaround of any US state law or federal law.

Is DirectPay safe to use?

Yes, DirectPay is absolutely safe to use. In fact, it’s just as safe as using cashier’s checks or bank wires, but with added privacy standards. For example, to use the cash/counter DirectPay option, many banks won’t even require you to provide ID to initiate the transaction. Given the social “taboo” that many consider sports betting to be (legal though it is), this sort of extra anonymity is always a good thing.

Does DirectPay have added fees?

Nope! DirectPay has no added fees of any kind, though some banks may charge a trivial amount for their services, depending upon their policies. In 90% of cases, however, such fees will not apply to any of the three DirectPay deposit methods supported by your sportsbook(s).

Is DirectPay better than other kinds of deposits?

The answer here depends upon the user. However, “better” is relative, and while it may not be better than other kinds of deposits, DirectPay is faster than many of the traditional deposit methods you’re used to. In this way, it is a superior service, though your mileage may vary.

What happens if my DirectPay deposit is lost or fails to be credited to my account?

DirectPay is a licensed and insured international financial service provider. All transactions are tracked, and you will have access to that tracking information every step of the way. DirectPay is committed to providing world-class customer service, just like your sportsbook is, and you do not have to worry about losing any of your funds via this avenue. Your sportsbook and DirectPay will always make you whole if any money is lost along the way.

Are there any reasons not to use DirectPay?

No, there aren’t any reasons not to use DirectPay if you are already using cashier’s checks, money orders, or bank wires to fund your account(s) at USA online sportsbooks. That said, it isn’t the best service if you have to make deposits instantly. For users that need their money to show up in their betting accounts right away, credit cards, debit cards, and various cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin remain the best options.