Online Sportsbooks That Accept Directpay

DirectPay SportsbooksThere’s some exciting news floating around the major sports betting sites, as a new deposit method has just been announced at several of the top legal online sportsbooks that accept players from that US. It’s called DirectPay. But given all the existing banking options for funding your sports wagering account(s), you might want to know a couple of things. First, what is DirectPay? And second, how is DirectPay different from existing deposit types that you’re already familiar with?

Simply put, DirectPay is an alternative to existing banking options that works in concert with your bank’s accounts and services. This means that, unlike other solutions like Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you are likely already fully set up to use DirectPay.

DirectPay is actually quite a simple concept, and it works seamlessly with your banking services of choice. Instead of funding your sports betting account via a cashier’s check, bank wire, or convoluted person-to-person money order over the Internet, DirectPay consolidates these options and acts as the go-between for your financial institution when funds are sent out. This avoids the normal, time-consuming interstate transfers that usually accompany such payments, cutting down on the time and cost of getting your offshore wagering account primed and ready.

Types Of DirectPay Services

There are three main types of DirectPay services that are supported by sportsbooks. First and most conveniently, you can use DirectPay through your bank’s online management portal (if you are set up for online banking, which is a good idea regardless in this day and age). This is the most common type of DirectPay service, and it is the one best suited to the dramatic majority of US sports bettors. With this, you are essentially sending money to DirectPay directly from your bank account.

Secondly, you can use DirectPay to make cash/counter deposits at your bank in person. This is akin to sending out a cashier’s check. Simply ask your teller for an “out-of-state” deposit slip, fill it out per the instructions provided by your sportsbook of choice, and hand the teller the form and the cash you wish to put into your betting account.

Lastly, you can send out bank wires using DirectPay. This method uses DirectPay as the recipient of your wire transfer rather than having to go through one or more international banks (which, again, is time-consuming and leads to several days of waiting for your deposit to clear).

DirectPay Sportsbooks

DirectPay was used with a specific online sports betting site, 5Dimes. 5Dimes was the only major online sportsbooks that accepted DirectPay as an option for deposit. However, 5Dimes started the process of operating as a regulated online book in the US. This means that DirectPay is now mostly defunct as a method of depositing into the major online sportsbooks. There are plenty of online sportsbook options out there, such as Bovada and BetOnline, but none of the major ones accept DirectPay.

Are There Any Reasons Not To Use DirectPay?

This payment method is only available for specific online sportsbooks and will not compatible for online licensed books like Bovada or BetOnline. That being said, the payment service has no issues and the only reason not to use it would simply depend on the type of online sportsbook that a bettor is attempting to fund. However, there are many other types of payment methods that can be used to fund the bankroll of online books that are internationally licensed. Cryptocurrency sportsbooks are also extremely popular due to the processing fee and lack of fees and some of the most reliable forms that are accepted by online books can be found below:

DirectPay FAQs