Ballin’ Out At The Ballina Cup; Each Celebrity’s Odds To Win

Ballina Cup

The Ballina Cup is a Beer Pong Championship Tournament that will be played by celebrities on Instagram. Sportsbooks are currently taking wagers on who the winner of the Cup will be, with NFL player Danny Amendola being the favorite to win All money made by the tournament will be donated to charities helping with the … Read more

Will President Donald Trump Catch COVID-19? Odds Changed

Is Trump Infected With COVID-19?

A wager on 5Dimes Sportsbook asks the question whether or not President Donald Trump will get the Coronavirus. The pandemic has been spreading throughout the U.S. but bookmakers do not believe Trump is at risk. WASHINGTON – Will President Donald Trump contract the Coronavirus that has been sweeping the globe? According to 5Dimes Sportsbook, the … Read more

Africa Now New Home To Various Newgioco Betting Products


The online betting business in Africa has continued to be on the rise as more people gain access to cell phones and the internet. Online gambling made over $500 million in 2018 in Africa. The Newgioco Group will now offer its internet betting services to the African people through five new deals made in different … Read more

Sportsbooks, Sports Bettors Playing The ‘Numbers Game’…Literally

Number Game

Sportsbooks have gotten creative with their offerings amid all the canceled sporting events. The Numbers Game, an older game, is now becoming popular on sports betting sites. BOSTON – The Numbers Game is a game being offered by sportsbooks for gamblers to take part in. This game is quite old but is now being revived … Read more

It’s Time To Get Razzed – Betting On The Razzies!

Razzie Awards

The Razzies! are the most entertaining of all awards shows as they credit celebrities for doing a terrible job. Despite having to be the worst at what they do to score a Golden Raspberry statue, it’s quite an honor to be recognized for being the best at being the worst. Sportsbooks have a number of … Read more

Prop Bet On The Performer For Super Bowl 55 Halftime Show Is Up

T Swift SB Halftime

Sportsbooks wasted no time offering odds on the 2021 Super Bowl Halftime Show performer. Sports bettors have a chance to place bets on who they think will be taking the stage next February. The most favored performers also happen to be some of the biggest names in the music industry. TAMPA, Fla. – It’s never … Read more

“HAVE FUN!!” Joe Buck Super Bowl Mantra & Props For The Broadcast


Broadcaster Joe Buck will be calling his sixth Super Bowl of his career for SB LIV. Two prop bets are up on sportsbooks for the Super Bowl broadcast. Buck will be carrying a note with him tonight that reads “HAVE FUN!!” MIAMI – Famous sports broadcaster Joe Buck will be the voice for Super Bowl … Read more

Options Are Limited For Texans Looking To Bet On Super Bowl 54

There Are Limited Options For Texans Looking To Bet On Super Bowl 54

Texas has everything except legalized sports betting in their district. While the state does not offer anything themselves, this does not mean that residents cannot make legal wagers on SB LIV. Neighboring states have sports betting lounges as well as the option of internet sportsbooks for gamblers to use for the game. AUSTIN, Texas – … Read more

Trends To Follow For Super Bowl 54 When Bill Vinovich Is In Charge

Bill Vinovich

The top official for SB LIV will be Bill Vinovich who refereed Super Bowl 49. Vinovich is known for his lack of flags thrown per game, as seen in the 2019 NFC Championship game. When not a referee in the NFL, Vinovich is a CPA. MIAMI – Bill Vinovich became an official with the NFL … Read more

SB LIV National Anthem Bet Length Down 9 Seconds Post Rehearsal


The prop bet time involving Demi Lovato’s performance dropped drastically. Lovato has expressed nervousness about singing at SB 54 than on any other stage. The time it takes her to sing the National Anthem has fallen to 1 minute 55 seconds. MIAMI – When it comes to prop bet lines or lines of heroin, both … Read more