Political Betting Odds – Will President Biden Be Impeached?

  • Sportsbooks have posted odds for President Biden’s impeachment.
  • Several government officials are coming forward and requesting that Biden be removed from office.
  • The heavily favored odds of -2500 say President Biden will not be impeached.

WASHINGTON – Reports are making the rounds about impeaching current U.S. President Joe Biden and sportsbooks have taken note of this by placing odds on the outcome. There are two wagers for political buffs and fans of betting, in general, to participate in regarding the issue.

Political betting is a huge market nationwide, despite the lack of sportsbooks that offer such wagers. It’s in this instance that gamblers use regulated outlets that can be found on the internet.

USA online sportsbooks not only offer political bets such as the two on President Biden, but a number of others. The use of these websites is available for use in all 50 states as there are no laws in any state which bans them.

Biden Betting

Sportsbooks like BetOnline have the Biden bets and others like it listed in their political betting section.

Will Joe Biden Leave Office Via Impeachment?

  • No -2500
  • Yes +800

When Is Joe Biden’s Exit Date?

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  • 2025 -150
  • Not Before 2026 +320
  • 2023 +725
  • 2022 +900
  • 2021 +1100
  • 2024 +1600

Former President Donald Trump endured two impeachment trials against him during his presidency; neither of which resulted in his impeachment. While there have been multiple people in government calling for the impeachment of President Biden, a lot goes into it and even if it got to the point of a trial, he could beat it the way Trump did.

What’s Behind The Impeachment Wishes?

Ohio Representative Bob Gibbs has asked for Biden to be removed from office. He has written a letter to his colleagues urging them to consider backing the filing for impeachment.

“The President is derelict in his duty, having repeatedly said he lacks the authority to extend the CDC’s eviction moratorium, then extending it anyway,” said Gibbs. “His actions on the border represent a negligence in keeping America secure. We need to cut this off at the pass now and show we will not stand for clearly unconstitutional actions.”

Gibbs is just the latest in a line of people that are publicly speaking out against the way President Biden is handling current issues. Jenna Ellis, a former advisor for Trump, also believes that Biden’s actions are grounds for impeachment. Rather than following through with his plan to help migrants cross the border into the U.S., he has offered them COVID-19 vaccines instead.

“These are things that directly violate his oath of office that I do think fall within the definition of impeachment within the U.S. Constitution, and it would be my hope, even though the GOP of course is in the minority right now that they would at least start talking about this,” said Ellis.