Presidential Betting Odds Say Trump, Polls Say Biden – Who To Trust?

Joe Biden - Donald Trump

Headlines noted that Joe Biden is taking the lead over Donald Trump in many political polls across the US. The betting odds on the 2024 election still favor Trump, though Joe Biden’s election odds are not far behind. NEW YORK – Joe Biden now leads Donald Trump in 10 polls per MSN headlines this morning, … Read more

Odds For Michelle Obama As President Shorten As 2024 Nears

Michelle Obama

The shortening of Michelle Obama’s odds to become the 2024 Democratic candidate show people are buying into the rumors that she’s running for president. Obama’s odds shortened from +2500 to +700, giving her the third-best odds. Joe Biden has -250 odds to be the Democratic candidate for the 2024 Presidential Election. WASHINGTON – Michelle Obama’s … Read more

Trump Favored to Be Guilty in GA, +150 for Smiling Mugshot

Donald Trump

There are +150 odds for Donald Trump to be smiling in a mugshot taken by the Fulton County Sheriff. Shorter +125 odds are available for Donald Trump to be handcuffed during the arraignment. Trump is favored with -125 odds to be found guilty of one or more 2020 Georgia election result charges. ATLANTA – Betting … Read more

Ramaswamy Passes DeSantis in 2024 Presidential Election Odds

Vivek Ramaswamy

Vivek Ramaswamy passed Ron DeSantis in odds at online sportsbooks to win the 2024 Presidential Election. Ramaswamy’s +1400 odds to become president are tied with Gavin Newsom as the third-most likely odds on the board. Vivek Ramaswamy joins Ron DeSantis with +800 odds to be the Republican candidate for the 2024 Presidential Election. WASHINGTON – … Read more

Betting Specials for Donald Trump’s Aug. 3 Court Appearance

Donald Trump

Betting odds are available for various outcomes at Donald Trump’s court appearance on Thursday. Props include betting on Trump’s tie color if he will no-show the court appearance, and if he will be found guilty on charges. There are -350 odds that Donald Trump will be found guilty of one or more charges from 2020 … Read more

Trump Specials at Bovada Feature Trump Indictment Odds

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has -400 odds to be indicted in relation to classified materials and -250 odds to be indicted in relation to January 6th events. A valuable bet with +425 odds would require Trump to win the 2024 Presidential Election and be criminally tried during his term of office. NEW YORK – Amidst the criminal … Read more

Trump -600 Favorite To Be Indicted, +250 On Tuesday Arrest

Donald Trump

Donald Trump could be indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney. Online sportsbooks give this outcome -600 odds of happening. Trump expects to be arrested Tuesday, an outcome sportsbooks give +250 odds of happening. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. – Former President Donald Trump is rumored to be arrested in the near future thanks to campaign finance violations. In … Read more

With Sportsbooks Heavy on Republicans, Dem Odds Are Value

2024 Presidential Odds

Online sportsbooks have Ron DeSantis as a +195 favorite to win the office of President of the United States in 2024. Joe Biden, the current President, is curiously underrated on futures odds boards relative to his odds to win the nomination. Donald Trump has fallen significantly behind DeSantis in terms of odds to win the … Read more

Gubernational Odds for Republicans, Democrats

Greg Abbott - Ron Desantis

Ron DeSantis is the heavy favorite to be reelected as the Florida governor, with the Republican party having -7500 odds to win the November 8 election. Maryland has the largest gap between political parties with the Democratic Party having -25000 odd to be reelected which is led by Wes Moore. Oregon is currently the closest … Read more

Greg Abbott Governor Odds Shorten As Beto Gains Ground

Beto O'Rourke - Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott’s odds to win re-election as the Governor of Texas have fallen from -1000 to -650. His polling lead over Beto O’Rourke has dropped into the single digits. Abbott is still overwhelmingly likely to win the race, to the point that his odds are likely good value. AUSTIN, Texas – Governor Greg Abbott’s odds … Read more