Bet Monarch: Colorado’s Newest Sports Betting App

  • Bet Monarch has launched in Colorado, bringing sports betting to anyone in the state.
  • Residents can download the app on Apple or Android and bet and fund their accounts from anywhere.

DENVER, Colo. – With the release of the “Bet Monarch” app, Colorado residents can now legally bet on sports from anywhere in the state.

Bet Monarch belongs to a larger entity in Colorado, known as Monarch Casinos. While the casinos have closed its doors due to the pandemic, the ability to host online sports betting is a major step in needed time.

“The connection that people build to sports and their teams, it’s just part of Americana. It’s a gaping hole in the way we’re going about our days, but God willing, it’ll reopen here soon and people will be out here cheering for their favorite teams. Maybe not at stadiums, but they can do it from home,” said David Farahi, Monarch Casino Chief Operations Officer.

While Colorado is more known for its scenery and atmosphere, that could change in the coming years as sports fans and bettors alike will now be able to come into the state to place their bets.

This means that anyone living in any nearby state can just take a quick stopover state lines to place a sports bet in Colorado.

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Those who are new to the betting world will finally be able to join in on the fun.

“It’s just a fun way to add a little bit of juice to the game. Usually, people get excited about watching the game but when you’ve got some money riding on the outcome, it makes it all that much more exciting. If you just want that extra adrenaline for each play, sports betting is a fun way to do it,” said Farahi.

Be sure to check out Bet Monarch’s new platform for those living in, or headed to Colorado anytime soon.

Bet Monarch released following the recent news of Colorado allowing sports betting within state lines. Proposition DD was passed in November of 2019, officially bringing sports betting to the state, and making Colorado one of many states now allowing residents to place sports bets.