iLottery Games Come To Rhode Island Gamblers

  • The Rhode Island Lottery now has an iLottery feature for users in the state to gamble on multiple games with the use of their phone or computer.
  • Rhode Island has come up with this new outlet as an added revenue stream because the Ocean State has endured an estimated almost $1 billion loss due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. - The Rhode Island Lottery now offers gamblers in the state the ability to play a variety of games online with their new iLottery platform that launched on Tuesday.

Sales have been down since the outbreak of the Coronavirus and this new feature stands to remedy that issue some. Projections are showing a $130 million loss from the decrease in sales for the fiscal year in lottery revenue.

The Rhode Island iLottery

When applying for an account to become an iLottery user, potential players must visit the official website and verify that they are at least 18 years old and in Rhode Island.

Accounts can only be used within state lines. Multiple gaming options will be available to play on the internet.

The Rhode Island iLottery can also be accessed with the use of a mobile device and their new app, making it even more convenient for users.

The game styles offered will be like that of virtual scratch off style games. There is Keno and a number of other games such as Pink Diamond Crossword and Texas Hold ‘Em. A list of their eInstant games can be found on the lottery’s official site.

“We’re pleased to offer the ability for players to buy and play Keno and eInstants from their computers or mobile devices,” said Gerald Aubin, director of the Rhode Island Lottery. “This will be a great convenience for players and will generate additional revenue for our state.”

All money that is won by players of the iLottery when it is $600 or less will automatically be funded to their member's account.

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Accounts can be connected to a bank account where the money can be transferred seamlessly. Any winnings larger than $600 have to be claimed in person at the Rhode Island Lottery headquarters.

The Future Is Now

The Coronavirus pandemic is what prompted the Rhode Island Lottery to catapult into the future that is known as the iLottery.

A handful of other states have already been using an internet lottery-style system that includes the purchasing of ticket draw games for some time and have found great success.

If this new offering to the residents of Rhode Island goes well, there is a chance that draw games could be available for purchase through their online platform in the future.

The new fiscal year in the state begins on July 1.

Estimates show $800 million in losses because of the COVID-19 outbreak across the board. While over $100 million of that is due to the low lottery sales, it is the hope that this new iLottery can begin to bridge the gap a bit and give the Ocean State some minor financial relief in their slow comeback from this pandemic.