Bet on Adley Rutschmann to Make the 2023 MLB All-Star Team

  • Adley Rutschmann has -115 odds to make the 2023 MLB All-Star team.
  • Rutschmann had a great spring training, hitting .314 and slugging .657.
  • The former first overall pick was the AL Rookie of the Year runner-up in 2022.

SEATTLE – The 2023 MLB All-Star game will consist of baseball’s best players and Adley Rutschmann expects to be one of them. The Orioles’ future franchise player has -115 odds to make the all-star team in 2023 before the season has begun.

In the current state of Major League Baseball, there aren’t as many household names at the catcher position. Adley Rutschmann proved during his rookie year that he can become the best catcher in the MLB.

It’s debatable, but the top catchers in the MLB right now are J.T. Realmuto, Will Smith, Salvador Perez, Alejandro Kirk (+175), and Adley Rutschmann.

Besides Kirk, none of the listed catchers had odds available at online sportsbooks.

These catchers are the ones who can also provide an offensive presence in addition to their essential defensive skills.

Realmuto does this the best, as he is excellent defensively but also hits for average and power. Similarly, Baltimore Orioles catcher Adley Rutschmann has all the best qualities for a catcher, making him incredibly valuable.

Luckily for Rutschmann’s all-star aspirations, both Realmuto and Smith play in the National League. His biggest competitors for a spot on the All-Star team are Alejandro Kirk and Salvador Perez.

Alejandro Kirk was the starting catcher for the American League All-Star team in 2022.

The 24-year-old had a breakout season that saw great improvements in his on-base percentage and defensive game. Even if Kirk replicates last season’s incredible performance in 2023, Rutschmann just needs to be a top-2 catcher in the American League to make the team.

Rutschmann is a switch hitter that displays power from both sides. He has an advantage over the declining 32-year-old Salvador Perez who didn’t make the All-Star team last year.

Adley Rutschmann’s hitting ability makes him a valuable bet on MLB sportsbooks to make the 2023 MLB All-Star team with -115 odds.

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The young star was the runner-up for AL Rookie of the Year and is primed for an even better one in the 2023 MLB season.

In 2022, Adley Rutschmann batted .254 with 13 home runs and 42 RBIs in 398 plate appearances.

In addition to getting his rookie year under his belt, the former first-overall pick had the luxury of playing in Spring Training this season. With the circumstances of the 2022 MLB lockout delaying the season, players couldn’t participate in Spring Training.

Rutschmann has taken advantage of the opportunity, slugging his way to a .314 batting average with four home runs and nine RBIs in 35 at-bats.

Although he isn’t facing the highest level of pitching, a notable improvement is Rutschmann’s slugging percentage thus far in Spring Training. It’s a small sample size, but Rutschmann is slugging .657 in Spring Training, .225 points higher than his rookie season total.

It’s unsustainable for the 2023 MLB season, but to put that number in perspective, he is currently slugging .029 less than Aaron Judge did in 2022 when he hit 62 home runs.

No matter if he’s facing minor leaguers or top arms, the power Rutschmann is demonstrating in Spring Training is a great indication of his development in 2023.

Adley Rutschmann has great value to make the MLB All-Star team in 2023.